MAC Short Shorts Eyeshadow Review, Swatch

MAC Short Shorts Eyeshadow Review, Swatch

mac surf baby eyeshadow review

Price : Rs 900

Launching with MAC Surf baby Collection (launching next weekend)

MAC describes short shorts as Frosty white champagne.

When I first saw this eyeshadow, I thought of MAC Nylon eye shadow from the permanent line. I checked back at the store and I was right. Both of them are quite similar. So if you have MAC Nylon eye shadow in your collection, guess you should skip this one.

 short shorts review, swatch

MAC Short shorts eyeshadow is a frost finish eye shadow. It is a frosty champagne gold color. It is not super shimemry or shiny and that totally makes it even more beautiful and easy to wear.

Some features :

  • Makes an excellent highlighter.
  • Makes a superb inner corner (of the eye) colour.
  • You even use it to highlight your face – bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow , higher point sof cheeks and it looks beautiful . It looks soft and subtle without looking fake.
  • The texture is super smooth and you barely have to make any effort to make it work.
  • Works great  as brow bone highlighter even for those who have heavy brow bone. The eyeshadow is not shiny as such so gives that soft finish to the eyes,
  • You can use it as an all over colour but I prefer not to use it.
  • Would work for a lot of skin tones. If you are very dusky, it may not work for you.
  • Zero fall outs.
  • Easy to blend. long lasting.
  • Nicely pigmented.

short shorts


It is an excellent eyeshadow and it’s a must have to have atleast one highlighter in your eye shadow palette. If you still havent got one in your palette, do check this out. 🙂 This is a limited edition eyeshadow.

short shorts swatch

swatch surf baby

IMBB’s contributor Natasha has used MAC Nylon eyeshadow in two of her looks, you may check those out HERE and HERE Short Shorts is very very similar. MAC Nylon is more golden and shiny than short shorts.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 5/5

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  2. i want atleast one mac product in my collection.. :specs: :specs: . now if u will keep on showing so many gwageous products than how will i decide which one to buy…. :waaa: :waaa: does mac owner have a son? ?:) 😉

      1. no… no never….. i’ll set him up with any of my friend to get free supply of mac products :smug: :smug: :smug:

    1. depends on what you want – face, lips, eyes etc… :)) i suggest go for foundation according to your skin type. after that you’d be addicted. 😀

          1. Haan, I’ve seen the Paint Pots reviews here (if nothing else, I’d just buy them coz they’re SO cute!). Hmmm. Ok, Fluidline and Paints it is.

            Thanks a ton Rati! :thanks:

  3. It looks so awesome in the pot….. though not much of an eye shadow person, i just looking over such pics and EOTDs 🙂

    1. hehehhe use it then. 😀 😀 😀 i purchased some steel glasses from fashion and you from the refund i got. those glasses are getting rusted now. they are not made up of steel only apparently. I bought them 2-3 months back. guess my experience with them is never going to be good. :((

          1. i did shopping with f&u 7 8 times, just once they sent a wrong nail color. otherwise m very happy with their service

      1. yep – i got ricepaper and works great – and i am an nc 42
        (not entirely sure though that i am still that – may have gotten lighter sitting at home lol)

  4. I want at least one eyeshadow from MAC. So much gungaan I hear…. :P.. btw who’s picking the blush. The golden flower wala?? It looks fab no

      1. 🙁 🙁 yesssssss!!!!!!!! suggest me something na..!!!! wud like to buy somthing for lips and nails…..wats the range like for these things?

          1. cool!! wil surely give a try!! before dat…hows the price like for the regular range Rati? …generally, MAC products r pretty pricey!

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