Makeup Academy Black Waterproof Mascara Review, EOTD

Makeup Academy Black Waterproof Mascara

Hey Guys,

Hope all you guys are enjoying the New Year to the fullest. May this be the year of happiness for everyone! So this is the last product I have to review which I purchased from UK, London.But being a makeup junkie; I will eventually end up buying a lot of products hopefully which I can review here 🙂 So today I will be reviewing another mascara from MUA and this is essentially a curling mascara. I bought this as at the time I was running low on my Lakme eyeconic; I have finished it now which is great because I was so bored of it. Read on to find out how this fared.
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Product Description:

A makeup must have .Long lasting and can be used alone, or as a highlight to the end of lashes on top of your normal shade.

Price-1.00 GBP(that’s around 100 INR)
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No ingredients mentioned:(

My Take on Makeup Academy Black Waterproof Mascara:

I just wanted to experiment and was expecting nothing out of it as the price is just a pound. Before buying this, obviously I checked the reviews and everyone got average results with this mascara, so I also expected average satisfaction from this product. The packaging of the product is the same as the clear mascara from this line, just basic mascara packaging with a screw lid on top. The packaging is travel-friendly as it will not leak. The wand is a plastic wand, it is not curled or anything:((too plain for my liking) The consistency of the product is not clumpy in the bottle but it does clump if more than 3 coats are applied 🙁 However, it does add curl to my lashes, it does not add any volume which I would have liked more.(I am fed up of using curling mascaras). It does not weigh my eye lashes down. The staying power of this mascara is good, it stays on for 5-6 hours. I cannot say it is waterproof but yeah, it is pretty water-resistant. It does not bleed if you wash your face lightly. One disadvantage I noticed with this product is that the bristles shed 🙁 Now this is bad. I have never used a mascara that sheds this is terrible for me.

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Pros of Makeup Academy Black Waterproof Mascara:

  • Does not clump before 3 coats(good for me).
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Staying power is 5-6 hours.
  • Adds curl to the lashes.
  • Price.

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Cons of Makeup Academy Black Waterproof Mascara:

  • Availability.
  • Bristles shed.
  • Basic plastic wand (I hate it).
  • Can be clumpy after 3 coats.

IMBB Rating-3/5

Will I Re- purchase Makeup Academy Black Waterproof Mascara?

No, I need volumising mascaras in my life now!

Last Word on Makeup Academy Black Waterproof Mascara:

I think it is good mascara for Rs.100.If you get it for 100 you can try this, it is average honestly.

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  1. Brustles shes!!!! ONG… Never heard or seen that yet… Nice curl and less price and all… But still… Bristles shed!!!

  2. You got it at an amazing price…I am sure this is priced at a higher rate in India… It is okayish forvdaily use but shedding bristles are new!! 😮

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