Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix – It’s a Quick Fix to Keep you look Intact

Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix – Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray Review
Hola my Beauty Queens!! What? We don’t need a pageant to be termed that. Don’t you think? 😉

The winters are on the peak, and I can’t believe that 2014 is almost ending. I am already a year old on IMBB, can you believe that? Seems like it was only yesterday that I finally came out of the cocoon to start writing here. Writing for IMBB not only made me discover my knack and love for writing, but also made me discover the artistic side of makeup. And not to forget, meeting the team and all you wonderful people.

So, coming to today’s review, it is another product out of the mega haul that I had shared with you guys, and I am super glad that I picked it up, in spite of being skeptical. It is the Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix – Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray. Let’s just shorten it to the first part of the name, for review purposes. So, let us move ahead to find out how this one fared on me.

MakeupRevolution London Pro Fix


The Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix, comes in a white colored spray bottle, with a plastic cap to cover it. The cap looks a bit flimsy at first sight, as it can easily be revolved, but when you try to pull it off, you will note that it is pretty sturdy in the way it fixes itself over the bottle. However, I do not think that the cap would be scratchproof. It is travel-friendly, but I personally prefer to wrap such liquid or spray products in a separate packet before putting them inside, on a precautionary basis, no matter how friendly the packaging.


It comes at a price of INR 1000/- for a size of 100 ml, which is pretty affordable; as most of the sprays that I know are in the same price range, irrespective of the quality offered. I, however, got this at a price of 475, including shipping charges, and this brand is mostly on discount, in India. So, grab the goodies till they are available at half the price. 😛

Description and Directions:

MakeupRevolution London Pro Fix


MakeupRevolution London Pro Fix

My only concern is the presence of alcohol. This has been the case, ever since one of the nivea toners, which was alcohol based, had reacted pretty badly on my oily-combo skin. However, there are active ingredients like aloe vera, castor oil, sunflower oil etc… too.

My Experience with Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix – Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray:

Let me first tell you about something. Once I had used a Nivea toner, without much research, and one of the ingredients reacted pretty badly on my face; with all the dry and red rashes popping up overnight. I made a wild guess that it must be the presence of alcohol in the ingredients, as google searches showed that it was not good for my oily combo skin. Ever since that day, before purchasing anything for my face, I make it a point to study and search the ingredients. Now you understand my hesitation in purchasing this product? Because no matter how good, it still has alcohol as one of the ingredients. On a happy note, this did not react. I did a patch test on my hand first, and it just gave a fizzy, cooling sensation. Same was the case when sprayed on my face. So, well you can say that I was pretty happy when my notion was proved wrong.

MakeupRevolution London Pro Fix

The smell is horrendous. Like a full-fledged “daaru” has been splayed and sprayed on your face. It is bad and pathetic. I cannot say anything good about the smell, which is a big turn off. Good thing is that it stays around for just 10 seconds. Thank goodness.

Ah! The performance. I am glad to inform you guys that this really works. I will tell you why. I have used many blushes, high end, mid range, and also the new cheek stains. None, absolutely none of these stayed on my oily cheeks for more than 2 hours. However, I went for a party, after setting my makeup with this spray, and my Lotus Ecostay blush, was still flushing beautifully on my face, 5 hours later. It does not control oil much, but to a reasonable extent. I can assure you that this is much better than my Colorbar Spray, which I find better as a spray toner, rather than a makeup fixing one. I can assure you that it would work in summers too, but will control oil to some extent, if not all.

MakeupRevolution London Pro FixPro Fix

Summing Up.

Pros of Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix – Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray:

  • Easily available online.
  • Affordable, before or after a discount.
  • Quantity provided is good to last you for a decent time.
  • Active ingredients like Aloe Vera, Castor Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil present.
  • Makes your makeup last longer.
  • Keeps your makeup fresh and intact.
  • Controls oil (to some extent, not much)
  • The packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly. Looks attractive too.

Cons of Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix – Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray:

  • Alcohol as one of the ingredients. So, do a patch test, before you try it on your face, on a precautionary basis.
  • The smell. Horrendous. Thankfully, it subsides within second of application.

IMBB Rating:

4.5/5. This is the best makeup fixing spray that I have used till date.

Would I recommend/repurchase Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix?

Yes! I will repurchase this, and I will recommend, if you can ignore the 10 second “daaru” smell. 😛

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35 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix – It’s a Quick Fix to Keep you look Intact

    1. I tried MAC Fix+, which didn’t help much with actually fixing makeup (I have awfully oily skin), and I’ve been trying to get the Kryolan Fixing spray, but it’s out of stock in Mumbai since forever

      1. It gives a semi matte finish, you could say. It controls oil to some extent, not all. I can tell you this because I too have oily skin, that somehow turns a bit of combination during winters. But this will sure keep your makeup intact for a long time. Oil Control will not be that effective though, but quite manageable, if you use the correct makeup products for your skin. 🙂 🙂

  1. Kads u make me so jealous with all your Makeup Revolution reviews…i am waiting for my order to arrive….this is an amazing product…and as always great review… 🙂

    1. Thaaaanks Rutva!!!! The wait will be worth it, trust me on that. 😀 Makeup Revolution has amazing products and I am super glad that I gave this brand a shot. 🙂

    1. I got this from Jabong Neha. It still is on discount I guess. 😀 It works great if you can get over that 10 second smell. 🙂

    1. I was very skeptical while buying this Tanya. Simply because it had alcohol content. But the other ingredients are good enough to negate that. And of course, it performs brilliantly. Can’t ignore that fact. 🙂 Thanks babe 🙂

  2. Yup, dear. This will be on my wishlist for sure 🙂 By the way, I think the prices have gone up a little. I just checked yesterday and saw that there is only a 35 % discount now.

  3. Wow….i’m currently using the Make Up Forever Mist & Fix and since it wasn’t cheap I’m trying to use it up before I splurge on another one…but this sounds like a catch girl

  4. Daaru on the face… Seems like a beer bath… Or a champagne bath hehehe… Nice review kadambari… Happy new year….

  5. LOL 10 second daaru smell 😛 I should try spraying this on one of my friends when they are just about to enter the house 😛 hahahahahaaha I have the same skin type as yours and this seems worth investing! Checking it out right away 😀

    1. O God Princy!! Evil you are 😉 My sister thinks exactly along the same “khurafati” lines 😀 This is indeed a good investment. Easy on pocket and performs well. 🙂

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