Marks & Spencer Per Una Lipstick Shade 20 & 34 Review, Swatch

Review & Swatches of Marks and Spencer’s per una lipsticks-Shade 20 & 34

Marks & Spencer is one of the UK’s leading retailers with over 21 million people visiting their stores each week which sell clothing, food and home ware and work hard to provide their customers with the highest quality products, service and shopping environments.

If I have to associate with Marks & Spencer, then it would be for clothing & Accessories but it’s not a place I would have associated with my make-up purchasing until I got its makeup set from one of my relatives staying in England. The makeup bag included a Foundation, Bronzer, 2 Lipsticks with matching Nail paints, a bottle of Perfume, 2 eye shadows, a Blush, Highlighter pearls and an eye lash curler all from M&S. Out of these, I have already finished the foundation & the nail paints. Rest everything I’m still happily using.

So today, I’ve come up with a review of the 2 lipsticks from Marks & Spencer. The 2 shades which I own don’t have a name tag but just a number associated with it. I tried looking for the same shades in nail paints as maybe they have discontinued this packaging and came to the conclusion that they are Valentine and Raspberry according to their website. These are:-

Marks & Spencer Per Una lipstick

Marks & Spencer Per Una lipstick

34 – A nude shade with brown undertones (Valentine).
20 –A dark pink shade (Raspberry).

Images from L to R : 34- nude brown and 20- dark pink without and with flash
Small description given by the company:-Soft and creamy texture of the lipstick. Hypo-allergenic Carmine free and Animal Free – no ingredients of animal origin as the company is strictly against animal testing.

Now, they come under the brand “per una” owned by Marks & Spencer . The 3 cute little hearts on the lipstick cover is “per una’s logo”. My say on these lipsticks is that they are quite nice, different from the usual shades which I see/ own in other cosmetic brands. They are super pigmented and applying a single coat leaves the lips in full color. They are very creamy in texture and glides easily on the lips. After applying them, my lips feel hydrated and moistened. The shades are a bit frosty. They have their own shine so I don’t apply any gloss over them. Their lasting power is also high. Easily stay on the lips for 5 hrs or so without having food. Both the shades are quite wearable either during day or night. While one is a bright pink shade which lights up my face, the other nude brown color suits Smokey/dark eye makeup. I am not a big fan of “nudes” but I used to wear this soft brown shade a lot at my office (when I used to work). You can easily make that out by the amount of lipstick left. 😛

Below are their swatches on my hand with and without flash 🙂 Left being shade 20 & 34 on the right

Marks & Spencer Per Una lipstick

I can’t say anything about their price right now because I got them as gifts and I am not able to find this packaging of Marks & Spencer lipsticks online even but the same shades can be seen in the other Marks & Spencer lipsticks. They are not available in India still, I’ve not seen them in Marks & Spencer outlets here, but can be purchased online at and even Marks & Spencer lipsticks price range is between 2.50£ – 9.50 £ for 4 gms of product(around 185 to 700 Rs).

Good Points about Marks & Spencer Una Lipstick

  • Very moisturising. Lips feel quite supple after applying.
  • Great color pay-off. One swipe is enough to give pigmentation.
  • The packaging is sleek yet sturdy. I love the 3 cute hearts on the silver cover.
  • No need to apply gloss separately as they have their own shine.
  • No drying up of this product- Even after owning them for around 3 years, they still look & feel the same.
  • Good lasting power. One can use a good cleanser/makeup remover to easily remove them.
  • Product is not tested on animals.
  • They don’t have any kind of strange smell or taste.
  • One can find different yet beautiful shades of lipsticks ranging from lower to higher range.

Bad points about Marks & Spencer Una Lipstick

  • Not available in India. Have to be purchased online but all products are not shipped to India.
  • High delivery charges. Company charges around 10£ as shipping charges so its costly.
  • Don’t try to match up the shades with your dressed. You won’t succeed coz shades are quite different from the color of clothing which Indian women wear/get.
  • Only shade number provided but their website now shows shade name so difficult to get the perfect match.

Rest is all good. These are classic beauties which need to be part of everyone’s makeup set. You’ll love them instantly. One can easily find great reviews of M&S lipsticks online.
Will I repurchase them: Definitely if ever I get a chance to have them here in India through my cousins again.

My ratings to these lipsticks will be :-* :-* :-* :-*  (-1 as they are not available in India).

Last comes my pictures wearing them. I have taken the snaps of the 34 shade both with and without flash coz the color was not showing up properly without flash. Have a great day. Enjoy 😀

Marks & Spencer Una Lipstick

Shade 20 without flash

Marks & Spencer Una Lipstick

Shade 34: left pic without flash & right side with flash

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    1. welcum veena.. 20 is luking more bright here n pics.. 34 is not showing tht well bt its also a nice everyday shade.. :waytogo: :waytogo:

    1. Hi rati..left a comment for u in Valentine Day Post…i m checking IMBB after 20 days….now i m reading all the previous post…and loving it more and more…. :inlove: :inlove:

  1. thanxx gabbar behen :toothygrin: :toothygrin: ..i hope they cum to india soon so tht i can add a lot more of them in my collection… :pray: :pray:

    1. yeah cali.. skin care stuff is available in their own stores here easily but not cosmetics.. thts a big drawback for makeup lovers like us.. these lipsticks r a must have.. they r very gud n worth every penny spent.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :victory: :victory: :victory2: :victory2:

  2. Hi Nids, when I see Marks & Spencer I tend to think of clothing too. :)) I know they sell bath and body stuff, but I didn’t know they had makeup too. The berry shade looks great. Too bad the Marks & Spencer stores we have here don’t sell makeup…

    1. hii Ida…v shud sit on a strike in front of all M&S stores forcing them to sell cosmetics tooo,i propose :announce: :announce: :announce: … :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: 😆 😆 😆

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