Marks and Spencer Royal Jelly and Pure Honey Light Body Cream Review

Marks and Spencer Royal Jelly and Pure Honey Light Body Cream

marks spencer royal jelly pure honey body cream

Product claims

A light, easily absorbed body cream containing a combination of royal jelly, acacia honey, and sweet almond oil to nourish and improve skin condition. Hydroviton ® 24 helps maintain the skins moisture levels delivering continuous moisturization for up to 24 hrs.

A rich, luxurious cream containing royal jelly- a natural source of vitamin B, added honey renowned for its moisturizing properties, vitamin E and pro-B5 to help leave your skin soft, smooth, and moisturized after use.

marks spencer royal jelly pure honey body cream

I got this item during a spur of the moment mini haul at Marks and Spencer last month. Well actually, it wasn’t really a haul because I just got one other item (a hand cream), haha. Like the other product I purchased, I got this mostly for its pleasant scent, and because I hadn’t bought a Marks and Spencer body product for a few years now and felt like trying them again. Also, because I love lotions! Almost all of the ones I currently have are unscented, which is often what I prefer, but I wanted to have the option of also having a lightly scented one on days that I feel like using fragranced lotions only and no perfume.

I’ve smelled pure royal jelly before and it has a medicinal, sour scent. I’m glad to say that this body cream does not at all smell like pure royal jelly. Oddly enough it doesn’t smell much of honey either. Perhaps there’s a tiny hint of it but the fragrance of this cream doesn’t make me think of honey at all. What it makes me think of is flowers. That was the first word that popped into my head while smelling the jar just now. Not perfumey flowers, or floral essential oils, but more like putting a big bouquet of fresh, assorted flowers to my nose. At the same time it smells clean and a bit soapy. The scent is delicate and pretty.

marks spencer royal jelly pure honey body cream

What I like about Marks and Spencer Body Cream

-Its nice scent. It is also only lightly scent which is what I prefer for lotions, so that there’s a smaller chance of it aggravating my sensitive skin.

-The texture feels just right. It’s kind of fluffy and feels lighter than other body creams. It’s really easy to apply all over my arms and legs.

-Provides decent moisturization to my dry skin. I was surprised by this because I didn’t think it would feel very hydrating, but it’s pretty good. It doesn’t last up to 24 hours, but it lasts long enough that I only feel the need to reapply near the end of the day.

-It’s relatively inexpensive at approximately $6 for a good amount of product, which is 250 ml.

What I don’t like about Marks and Spencer Body Cream

-Not much, really. I was wary that it contained mineral oil, which by experience contributes to making my skin dry, but this has a lot of other ingredients too, and leaves my skin softer.

Overall, I would recommend this product for those who want a lightly scented, affordable body cream that gives just enough moisture, doesn’t feel heavy, oily, or greasy, and sinks into the skin quickly.

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15 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer Royal Jelly and Pure Honey Light Body Cream Review

  1. i prefersuch crems for summers and I am not fond of honey scented products at all… I’ll check this out. I guess this would be a great option for body lotions… somtimes I find body lotions way too light for my dry skin..

    Thanks for the review, Ida. :))

    1. This would be pretty good for summers Rati. :)) It’s moisturizing and feels a bit richer than most body lotions but doesn’t feel greasy. You’re much welcome. :)) :)) :))

  2. Nice review Ida, your reviews are actually giving me an idea about the things that i can ask my relatives from abroad to get :yes:

  3. nice review Ida :victory: :victory2: .. n now u r tempting me to try M & S skin care stuff which i’m gladly going to do even.. :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

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