MaxFactor Masterpiece High Definition Mascara-Review

Hello everybody,

As I have mentioned several times, MaxFactor is one of my favourite cosmetic brands. I love the variety, quality and costing of MaxFactor products.

I had been dying to try out their mascaras. They have many shades and types of mascaras. I tried many and finally zeroed down on the Masterpiece High Definition Mascara in Black.

The Masterpiece High Definition Mascara is also available in Brown. They also have other varieties which include a blue one too.

The Masterpiece High Definition Mascara costs Rs. 440/-. I got it on discount. So it cost me Rs. 375/-. 🙂

What is MaxFactor Masterpiece High Definition Mascara???

(MaxFactor does not have an Indian website. I gathered this info from their SA who was quite unaware of the whole blogging scenario. But she was helpful nonetheless.)

  • A gel based formula that does not clump.
  • A comb style brush that separates to give maximum volume.
  • Lengthens and volumises.
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof.


  • My first impression of the mascara was very good. It comes in a gold tube which is quite classy and stylish.
  • The wand is good. What I really loved about the wand is that it has a comb brush. It’s spiky and thin. The spikes are very flexible.
  • The spikes are arranged at odd angles. This helps in separating each lash. Thus, the mascara separates and colours every SINGLE lash.
  • The wand is neither too short nor too long. It gives perfect grip and complete control.


  • The mascara is gel based. It is not creamy or waxy.
  • It goes very light on the lashes and volumises as it dries.
  • It does lengthen my lashes.
  • It is the most clump free mascara I have ever used.
  • The comb is great. I don’t need to comb out or separate the lashes when the mascara dries. (I had to do it every time I used Lakmé mascara.)
  • You can apply the second coat instantly. No need to wait for the first coat to dry.
  • In fact, I found it difficult to apply second coat after the first coat dried. The mascara flaked when I did that.
  • It is completely waterproof. I was wearing this when it rained here. My liner streaked, my kajal smudged but the mascara was intact.
  • I loved my Colorbar Duo mascara and Extreme Lash Mascara. But this one actually coats each and every lash. The Colorbar ones never clumped a lot.
  • But this one is something else. Despite of the volume and length my lashes feel soft and natural.
  • Lashes don’t become brittle or stiff. (Unlike Lakmé 9 to 5 mascara!!)
  • It holds curls REALLY well. I mean my lashes stay curled for more than 4 hrs. That’s the longest I have worn it. It could be more for all I know!!
  • The pricing is really good. Even Colorbar’s Extreme lash is Rs. 600/-, Duo mascara is Rs. 300/-. Lakmé 9 to 5 Intense Volume Mascara is Rs. 395/-. So with the quality and quantity point of view, this one is a steal.
  • I have been wearing mascara for a very long time. But my boyfriend noticed my lashes the first time I wore this one. That’s something!!!


My only problem with this is that it tends to flake after 3-4 coats. So it’s better to apply 1-2 coats only. But the result with 1-2 coats is too dramatic in itself. So I really don’t consider it a drawback.

My rating– :star: :star: :star: :star: . Just because there is always something better to be discovered.

Here are some quick tips I find useful about mascara usage-

  • Always use an eyelash curler. I never used it until recently. And I could not believe the difference it made.
  • If you use a mascara primer, curl your lashes after applying it. Your curls will last longer.
  • I don’t use a primer, so I apply one coat of mascara, curl my lashes and then apply the second coat. This tip gives me beautifully curly lashes that stay curled till I remove the mascara.
  • Use Almond oil, Baby oil or Olive oil to remove mascara. Oil dissolves the mascara easily so that you don’t have to apply any pressure to remove it.
  • I line my upper waterline with kajal. Yeah, you read it right. Upper waterline. Pull your eye lid upwards and add a swipe of kajal or kohl pencil on the upper waterline. It elongates your lashes even more and adds depth to your eyes.
  • I have not seen anybody do it. But I feel odd lining just the lower waterline and leaving the upper one exposed. But in a lot of people the upper waterline does not show. Then you can skip this tip.

Here I am wearing the Masterpiece High definition mascara.

maxfactor masterpiece Mascara
maxfactor masterpiece Mascara


maxfactor masterpiece Mascara
maxfactor masterpiece Mascara


P.S.- I received Rati’s Blog sale stuff today. I got the Inglot bronzer, Inglot smokey eye palette and the Lotus Floralstay lipstick (Free!!!) in Tulip Love. In the pic below I am wearing all of the above except the Inglot smokey shadow. Loving all the products. Really glad I bought these. Rati had kept everything so neat and tidy. Everything in boxes!! Also she added cute little stickers on top and tied them together with a red ribbon. It made me feel really special!!

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Thanks Rati.. You are very sweet… 🙂 Love you!!!

Thank you, Mrunmayee :shy: – Rati

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26 thoughts on “MaxFactor Masterpiece High Definition Mascara-Review

  1. I’ve realized that i really don’t need to see who has written the post i just have to read the title of the post and i just know who it is..!!!
    The lipstick shade suits you…!!!

    Im so J you got to buy from the sale and i dint.. 🙁

    I had forgotten about it but you just brought back the memories… I hate you Rati.. katti…!!!

  2. Awww… Don’t hate me or Rati, darling… 🙁 🙁

    See big blog slae is coming up no???? :-)) :-))

    And thanks for the compliments dear!!! :-* :-*

  3. Hey Mrun….love the color on your lips, it suits you to the “T”. This lip look and the mascara look is enough to make you look gorgeous. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

  4. Today looks like a declaration day. let’s see who else declares he he

    I am sure poornima and Ki would be TBS. 😀 And Priyanka- Brazzz :rotfl: :rotfl:

    oh neha – colorbar. as if we have any doubt about it… 😀

  5. nailed it. For me it is definitely The Body Shop for my bathgels, body fact many many things.

    Now..I guess I am also into MAC..yes..I’m in love with the brand 🙂

    And my latest fad…Bourjois Yay!!!!

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