Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Review

Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean

Hello lovelies…

I have a makeup remover in my to-buy list always, thanks to my heavy kohl and mascara. Though I am more than satisfied with my Mac Cleanse off oil, but there are times when I get lazy and want something ready at hand. I was about to pick up the L’oreal remover when I spotted this.


Price: Rs. 275/- for 70ml

To start off I have to mention the packaging. It is a very smart plastic bottle packaging. The body is transparent with a purple tint. I first thought the liquid was tinted but no. The cap is solid white and shuts well thus making this travel friendly. Comparing it with the previous one from Maybelline in terms of packaging, this one scores better. Not only the bottle is stronger but the shape makes is all the more smart and pretty.

The product inside is bi-phased and you need to shake well to mix them up. The thing I noticed in this is the two portions separate very soon, so if you want the best of both you have to pour out the liquid on the cotton pad as soon as you shake. The piercing on the cap is just right dispensing small amount of liquid at a time. You can control the quantity of the product.
Performance wise it is beyond expectation. Honestly I did not expect this to be so effective, not only in removing the makeup but doing it in a jiffy. The addition of the word “express” is totally justified. I think you can well understand looking at the demo pictures.

I have removed stubborn waterproof makeup with this and it did not irritate the eyes a bit. There is no irritation or watering of the eyes. Also there is no cloudiness in the eyes which is common with oil cleansing. The area around the eyes or the whole face might seem to be a bit oily just when applied but the feel goes away in few minutes. You can skip washing your face after cleaning with this.
The only con that I can point out is it cannot take off the sparkles from the face; the ones that are left behind by shimmery lipstick/lipglosses or sparkle eyeliners. You have to work real hard with this if you want to remove shimmery makeup.


Other than the minor con I do not find any flaw with the product. I am ready to pay 50bucks more for the smarter stronger packaging and super fast action. Could not ask for more at this price point.



Pros of Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean

• Effective
• No stinging
• No clouding
• Nice packaging
• Affordable
• Easily available

Cons of Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean

• Unable to remove shimmers.

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean?

Yes, till I do not come across something so effective in this budget.

Would I recommend Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean?

Yes, of course.

Last word: you have done it again Maybelline! Kudos!

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26 thoughts on “Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Review

  1. Had been waiting for this review! 🙂 Sounds great for the price *happydance* I’m picking it up for sure *jogging* Lovely review Rashmita 😀

  2. Wow the price is really cool…. *shock* .I have a colorbar creme makeup remover and that costs Rs 800 so I think its worth a buy…!! *ghost*

  3. I am using Neutrogena one and very happy with it…but maybelline and lakme are my favorite brands..cheaper too..definitely buying this one 😀 😀

  4. Rashmita Thank you. Awesome product and fab review.
    I am so getting it.
    What are the black and golden swatches? was curious.

  5. Was waiting for this review with bated breath!! And I’m grinning ear-to-ear 😀 I’m definitely getting this, though my Inglot makeup remover is still far from finished. Somehow I find it so very ineffective for removing eye makeup… Plus it stings my eyes and since I wear lenses, it is too much to take *spank*
    Maybelllllineeeeeee…….Here I come! *jogging*
    *thankyou* Rashmita for such a detailed review!

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