Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover Review

Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover Review

I am going crazy about this brand Estee Lauder. All the products I have so far were awesome and also have been my favourite all the time. This Eye makeup remover is not an exception. I have never bothered to use separate makeup remover for my eyes but now I know how important it is and the different it makes. Also this is one product I’ll suggest all out there to buy without having any second thoughts. I’ll stop giving the hype and continue it after the review.

Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover

This liquid eye makeup remover from Estee Lauder comes in an attractive transparent blue bottle with tiny golden letters on the bottle. I always love transparent bottles as I can see how much product is left over. The liquid is kind of soapy, you see in the pictures but neither the smell nor the texture is. It is as light as plain water and no special fragrance which makes the liquid simply super.

I just poured few drops in a cotton pad and swiped in on my eyes gently and all make up came out clean !!!!! Only for the make up too close to my lash line I had to swipe it again and I am done. Perfectly clean and didn’t sting my eyes. Though my eyes is not sensitive I am pretty sure it wont sting even if you have super sensitive eyes as I said the liquid is as light as water.

Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover

I have been really wondering what gives that soapy texture to the liquid as it is very clear even after you pour it in the cotton pad but I never ever felt it. I am completely impressed. This is my HG make up remover ; though I didn’t try it for any other areas other than my eyes I am very confident that it won’t disappoint me ☺

The ingredients are not listed in the bottle. I think my sister missed the box or the paper that came along with the kit which would have had the ingredients in it. I will call this a product that does magic. I am loving loving and loving this one. I’ll say this is a must-have product.

Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover

Pros of Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover

  • Does the job 100% with perfection.
  • The liquid is very light like water.
  • Never stung my eyes.
  • Easy to carry transparent bottle. The bottle is very light.
  • Neat packaging.
  • Does magic in removing my eye makeup. Just few drops for both eyes and a light swipe every last bit of makeup comes off.

Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover

Cons of Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover

  • Availability. I really wish they spread across India very soon.

My Rating

For me it is :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

Will I Repurchase?

Yes, for sure. Already added this to my shopping list as by the time my sister visits me this December I would have emptied the bottle.

Sorry I am not aware of the price . 🙁  How much ever it is do try it, I am sure it is worth the money.

Have you used Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover? Please rate in the box below

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31 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover Review

  1. I’ve seen this in one of the kits EL were offering on Amazon, but the seller didn’t ship that to India, so couldn’t get it!!! aWesome review Aarthi… :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. wow the bottle looks clasyy and the colour!! its mesmerising!! im staring at the bottle !! 😛

    btw does it remove waterproof stubborn makeup?

  3. I mostly use olive oil only for removing eye makeup because it sort of gives a little satisfaction that my lashes are getting the nourishment of olive oil. But i have been keeping a teeny meeny bottle of maybelline eye makeup remover handy for days when I am lazy.

    he he I also love Estee Lauder. They are a great brand. 😀 😀 😀

    1. hehehhhehe..same thoughts… 🙂

      I use olive oil too…I mean then I know, my lashes and eyebrows are getting the required nourishment and care. 🙂

  4. hey guys… it some how didn’t work d same way for me… 🙁 it left a soapy oily cast and stung my eyes so bad….
    i have used the make up remover by lancome and i LOVEDDDD it…

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