Avon Face & Eye Makeup Remover Review

Avon Face & Eye Makeup Remover

avon eye makeup remover

I know there’s a lot of reviews for a bunch of different makeup remover, but I decided to also share my thoughts about my newest buy!!

It’s the Avon Face & Eye Makeup remover. Honestly,

I do not use make-up very often so I didn’t use to buy any make-up removers; I just used the olive oil for this task. But I have to confess that I always had problems with mascara and kajal removal which always made my towels black & me ending up with panda eyes.

Experimentally and reading different makeup blogs/ magazines I found out that the best way to remove eye makeup is to use an oil base make-up remover. Most types mascara has wax in it, to make it waterproof. The oil in these make-up removers helps break down the wax and makes it easy to remove.
Few months ago I saw the Avon Make-Up Remover for Eyes & Face. At first I was skeptical but when I almost finished up my olive oil bottle I decided to go for it. I called up my agent & placed an order.

What Avon Claims about Face & Eye Up Remover:

* Effectively removes all traces of makeup.
* Leaves skin soft, smooth & moisturized.
* Safe suitable for contact lenses.
* Mildly acidified- like the ph of skin.
* Ophthalmologist tested.

It’s Price:

It is priced at 299/- for 75ml. However Avon products are often on sale. So I bought it a little less than its original price.

How to use (As mentioned on the bottle):


Squeeze a small amount of the remover on a cotton swab & gently swipe it across your face to clean the makeup & dirt.

STEP 2: Rinse face under tap water, if required use face wash and moisturize.

I just have to shake the bottle a few times before I put the product on the cotton because it is oil based, and thereafter I remove all the make-up from my eyes & face in just few mild swabs, leaving my skin feeling moisturized. I just wash my face and eyes after and my eyes don’t burn. Also I don’t have ugly dark lines under my eyes.

avon makeup remover

Ingredients list:

avon makeup remover ingredients

My experience:

I was very satisfied because my eyes didn’t burn. It is gentle and suitable for sensitive eyes also Ophthalmology tested, so contact lenses users can safely use this. Coming to the packaging, it comes in a translucent little see through bottle so I can see if I shook the product enough and also when I have to buy the next .The cap is in black plastic with a flip off opening it’s very easy to open, also preventing wastage.

The product is fully transparent and it has a very light smell, but I can’t define it, it’s an artificial smell because it doesn’t contain any flower or fruit extract. The best part is it doesn’t irritate my nose…

My cousin also uses it and it removes her eye-liner, liquid foundation and even her red lip stick. It’s great. It says that it even works for waterproof mascara, which I haven’t tried, but it took my non-waterproof one off SUPER easy! I was surprised that I only had to swipe a few times over it.

The bottle contains 75ml of the product and it costs 299/- That is very reasonable.


  • Removes daily makeup. All I need is a small amount on a cotton ball, tissue or q-tip, and wipe off any makeup including eye shadows, liners, mascara.
  • Affordable price. You’ll get it at an even lesser price when it goes on sale.
  • Doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or greasy.
  • Dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested.
  • Smell not irritating.
  • Small packaging .Great for when you are traveling or when you are on the go.
  • Gentle on my skin. Since it’s in lotion form, it moisturizes my eyes without much tugging while removing my makeup at the same time.
  • I never had any rashes, allergies or any weird skin reactions with this one. I also did not break out.


  • You can only purchase this through an AVON representative also have to wait for the delivery.
  • The lotion is a bit oily but it might be because it’s oil based. But after I wash my face there is no such issue.


This makeup remover is one of my all-time favorite products! And it’s extremely affordable!! I think that all women who have sensitive eyes should try this because it’s very gentle and it doesn’t irritate the eyes. It also removes all make-up so you will never sleep with old make-up or spread it under your eyes.

Have any of you guys tried this product? Let me know!


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28 thoughts on “Avon Face & Eye Makeup Remover Review

    1. HI Shilpa
      happy that my review helped u out…. :woot:
      yeah it is very much suitable for sentivitive eyes,,, so u can very much use this.. :yahoo: :yahoo:

  1. Nice review sush :bravo: I have this and i loooooove it… :jiggy1: i’m on my second bottle now 😀 removes makeup like a dream..for me it works best with tissue.cotton balls drink up this makeup remover as if they came from some drought prone region! :silly: :silly: i pour some of it on tissue and swipe it accross my face and eyes a few times..If my face needs more cleansing i just repeat the process.Tissue method consumes very less product and that tiny bottle lasts a loooooong time :haanji:

    1. OOoo.. 😯 same problem with me also Sireesha.. :suspense: :suspense:
      :thanks: for the Idea.. i will also use Tissue now… :puchhi: :puchhi:

    2. Me toooo…in love with this :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :bravo:
      n thx for the tip i’ll sure try this out…. :rotfl:

      great idea :yes:

  2. :waytogo: :waytogo: sush..infact d oder day i saw MAYBELLINE eye n face make up remover also..it is also priced arnd rs 300 or sumthin close by…

  3. oops sorry jus saw in one of d review its for arnd Rs 125… gosh i m sooo way back in makeup world…hav to catch up really quick.. :-/ :((

  4. I am so loving my MAC wipes and I still have heaps to finish it. [I have already finished the ELF ones] and for eye makeup EL eye makeup remover is my HG makeup remover :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: Once I empty all this I’ll come to Avon for sure 🙂

    1. hi aarthi,
      i dont have these high end bideshi brands in my area only chotu motu brands…. :spank: :spank: so that way its the best makeup remover for me… :yelo: :woot:

      do try this some time i bet u’ll definately like it…. :waytogo:
      n hey do let us know…. :yahoo:

      1. u thought it was rati’s , hey thats a great compliment…. u made my day…
        :thanks: :woot:
        muuaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh :jiggy2: :jiggy1:
        btw all credit goes to my camera

  5. :thanks: swati….
    i have come to a conclsion that most of the Avon product are really great n that too very reasonbly priced…. :jaiho:
    i just hope they bring some awesome products in the future too… :woot:

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