Maybelline Fit Me Blush – Coral Blossom

Maybelline Fit Me Blush – Coral Blossom

Flawless blush that lets the real you come through.
Natural fade-free color.

Maybelline Fit me Blush coral blossom


maybelline fit me blush
Today I am reviewing probably the worst buy of my entire makeup life, or may be the year. Well it is all my fault, late night browsing landed me this blush on a very popular site and they apparently have some imported makeup too now being sold at exorbitant prices, no not this one,i got this one at 399 I think i have forgotten, I had forgotten this tragedy too but the on dot reviews on IMBB have reminded me about these and that I need to save some money of our readers from being wasted. After this the blush will adorn the trash can for a day.

maybelline fit me blush

I love nude blushes, something that would not show up but still if you photograph, your cheeks look flushed, I dont wear deep pinks, and I wear blushes of the sort that you could even wear to grocery shopping. any way, I picked these up for the sake of trying fit me blushes, and for getting a pretty light coral shade.

maybelline fit me blush

Where should I start, well out of respect let me talk about the pretty light pack it has, no not that good, it is very flimsy but I think we all have something with a similar pack. The brush is broad and very cute but the bristles are rough, but still it is cute in some way that I did not want to rash it within few seconds.

coral blush

Coming to the blush, it is a chalky coral shade, it is like limestone in texture, 😛 you have to keep on rubbing on it, may be soak it overnight, but you wont get any color, I tried very hard to show you some swatch but nothing! There is no color, no pigmentation, noting on the blush, it is like stone.How am I supposed to talk about texture or staying power or anything!

maybelline fit me blush coral blossom swatch

I rubbed the brush over it a lot of times to show you the color, it is like chalk powder, I gave it to my daughter to play with, since she likes to to dip brushes in my products, but somehow even she wasnt interested, sigh, I have to throw it now,what a waste of my time, my mood and money too ofcourse. If you ever see “fit me” blushes,run as fast as you can, I mean away from it 😛

blush brush

IMBB Rating:

0/5 😛

Its a stony disaster!

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42 thoughts on “Maybelline Fit Me Blush – Coral Blossom

  1. *hunterwali* product… i too have one in this range.. have kept it aside … *devil*

    BTW.. nice and straight forward review…

    1. han totally parmita i had no choice to swatch it since i got online. hence i had to share this
      sigh! i donno if they have it on the counters 😀

  2. Last line is mast…run away seein Fit meblush… rofl rofl
    i revu’d one frm this range last week…deepcoral..utter waste.. *headbang* *headbang*

    1. hainaaaaa rama love u! i saw that and remembered i had a couple too
      i wish ur review came before i bot it *cry* *devil*

  3. hahhaa… rofl i loved your description… rofl
    I am going to review my recently bought Inglot blushes soon… *happy dance*

  4. *shock* Hawww! I’m so sorry for your experience… *puchhi* *puchhi*
    *ghost* *ghost* *ghost*
    *thankyou* Neha for the heads up *puchhi*

  5. I know neha this one is not the must one… :)I have medium mauve and like it but staying power is really very very bad…. but thanks for the review *hifive*

  6. Its such a disappointment neha di *cry* I never expected such product from maybelline.. *waiting*
    I loved the way u wrote this review.. hilarious *clap* *jai ho*

  7. even shomi not interested to play wit it ?? rofl rofl rofl rofl
    it feels good to read your reviews always neha *puchhi*
    such a dud *nonono*

      1. Awww…..dats so sweet of u to remember *happydance* *happydance* *puchhi*
        preparations are going good neha *puchhi*
        lot of work pending *secret*
        btw,i am attending a full time beautician course for the past one month *happydance* *happydance*

  8. Ohhhhh god *shock* what is maybelline doing yaaa *headbang* the colour is not showing at all *waaa* what is wrong with them *announce* but thank god you shared this or else the shade looks gorgeous in the container *woot*

  9. I was sooo intrigued by the name that I wanted to buy. Now I’ll search something else .. *thankyou* *puchhi*

  10. OMGGG such a dud!! and when i read teh name i thought it must be a pretty coraly orangey shade. *hunterwali* *hunterwali* *hunterwali*

  11. The product might be a dud but I enjoyed myself reading this witty review, Neha. “Soak it overnight”,LOL !! *hihi*

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