Maybelline Hibiscus Haven Color Elixir Lip Color Review

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For some reason, I have always been fascinated with the “hot pink on the lips” look, but I have also always had this fear that it would never look good on me or that I would not be able to carry it off. I only have one hot pink MAC lipstick that I bought because I wore it on one of my wedding functions and I barely use it. If I do, I usually apply a n*de brown over it to tone it down. I do not know what came over me that made me buy this hot pink baby, probably the summer heat! But let me tell you lots more about it right away!

Maybelline Hibiscus Haven Color Elixir Lip Color

These lip glosses look absolutely adorable! Who would not want to be seen with something as cute as this! These lip glosses come in sort of a square-shaped transparent plastic outer packaging.  Through the container, you can see that the shape of the tube inside holding the product is in the shape of an inverted lipstick. Hibiscus Haven is a hot pink that shines right through! The shiny silver tops screw off easily and secures well. The applicator is a furry thing which is actually a bit lop sided.

Hot pink lip gloss

Product Description (from the official website):

Product description lip gloss


Lip gloss ingredients

USD 8.99 and GBP 6.99, but I did get this for $7.50, so prices do vary across stores. Apologies again as I cannot find on the lip gloss exactly how much product is in here, so I do not know how many ml you are paying for.

Maybelline Hibiscus Haven lip gloss

My Experience with Maybelline Hibiscus Haven Color Elixir Lip Color:

Okay, let us start with the good things about this product first because the bad is probably going to take up a lot more of the review than this. I bought this colour because it looks amazing in the tube. It is a really eye-catching hot pink which I figured is season appropriate and when I swatched the tester on my hand, as you can see in the photo, on the hand, it swatched really well.  It looks very dense and opaque with great colour pay off. Now hold that thought because we will come back to that later.

Hot pink lip gloss

This is a non-shimmery lip gloss and sorry Maybelline, but Hibiscus flowers are red. Ugh sorry, okay I promised to focus on the good part first. So, the furry applicator holds a lot of product and when you pull it out of the tube, you do not need to double dip to complete one full application. The application itself is smooth.

Maybelline lip gloss applicator

I think that sums up all the good things I had to say because this applicator gives a very streaky application because of the fluff on it. Also, even though this product was sealed when I bought it, the applicator was bent inside. I have tried to straighten it, but it is still a little bent.  Now, this pink is no better than the n*de that I had reviewed earlier in terms of being a very watery when you put it on your lips.

Maybelline Hibiscus Haven Color Elixir Lip Color

I do not know what the problem is because the consistency of the lip gloss is not this liquidy, but when you apply it to the lips, it just does not build up to the nice opacity you want. It looks very fluid, like you mixed pink holi colour in Vaseline and are trying to pull it off as a lip gloss. For this reason, it settles into the fine lines of your lips like crazy!

Hot pink lip gloss

I did not know that my lips had such fine lines! It does not even come close to that sticky-ish consistency of a lip gloss. Something seriously needs to be done about the formulation of this lip gloss. Maybelline!! Are you listening?

Because this is such a bright colour, these fine lines are visible to people even if they’re standing at some distance away from you.

Maybelline Hibiscus Haven Color Elixir Lip Color

Now, I applied this with a small lip brush to eliminate the streaking effect of the applicator, but who has the time to put in so much hard work for lip gloss??! So, to try this another way, I applied this product over lipstick and it was a huge fail because this lip gloss somehow managed to get under my lipstick and find those fine lines I have. Why!! It makes my lips look like the Maybelline CEO’s 80 year old grand ma’s butt. So wrinkly! I’ll be completely honest in telling you that I have no idea how long this product lasts because I did not wear it for more than five minutes and has now been taken off my hands by my mom in law who so loves all things hot pink in whatever shape and size they come in 😛

Pink lips

Pros of Maybelline Hibiscus Haven Color Elixir Lip Color:

  • My mother in law took it from me :

Pink lipstick

Cons of Maybelline Hibiscus Haven Color Elixir Lip Color:

  • Applies very streaky.
  • Applicator bent even though product was sealed when I bought it.
  • Consistency is quite fluid.
  • Settles into fine lines.
  • Reapplication does not build up opacity.

Would I Repurchase Maybelline Hibiscus Haven Color Elixir Lip Color?
Never and no. Please do not bother with this one! It looks amazing but has nothing going for it!

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