Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black Review

Skin type: oily and sensitive
Skin tone: medium tanned

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I am back with the review of a liquid liner today. This one is newly launched Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black. Now, let’s get into the details.

Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black Review

Price: INR 425 for 1.5 g
Product Description:
Define your look with a liner that does it all! Maybelline New York introduces the new Hyperlink liquid liner. Intense blacker than black pigments are highly absorbed by its unique Flexi-cushion tip that gives extreme control. With a 12h smudge proof formula, This eyeliner will deliver bold and precise definition all day long.
• 12h long wear that’s smudge proof.
• Intense black ink pigmentation.
• Easy to use Flexi-cushion tip gives extreme control.
• Easy to remove ink film formula.

Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black Ingredients

My Experience with Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black:

Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black comes in a very cute black tube with a silver long wand that is easy to hold. It is pretty safe to carry around and lightweight, too. I like this small tube but it contains only 1.5 g product, which is very less.

Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black Packaging

Maybelline has finally come up with the perfect applicator this time. This eyeliner actually has a very fine felt tip applicator brush that works super smoothly on the eyes. I am totally impressed with its thin brush applicator. It is quite easy to draw sharp precise winged lines with it.

Right now only the ‘Black’ variant is available and it is a perfect jet black shade. The shade is super pigmented and requires only a single stroke for the perfect colour pay off. It gives a beautiful bold black eye look. They call it Hyperink Liquid Liner, and just like ink, it also has a medium-thin consistency. Hence, it glides easily on the eyes without tugging.

Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black Wand

The application is so smooth and easy that I never face any problem while drawing thick to thin lines. Due to its thin applicator, this liner can easily create fine lines and even the consistency is perfect. It also dries up pretty quickly and sets to a nice glossy texture.

Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black open

I am happy with the formula as it doesn’t feel patchy. But it is a little difficult to layer it up just because it dries out quickly. During summers we all want a smudge-proof liner and this one fits the bill nicely. It doesn’t transfer to the lid and doesn’t smudge either.

Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black Bottle

The corners of my eyes are quite watery and even my lids are oily, so an unfortunate rubbing can peel the product off from my eyes. Yet, it never looks messy and never moves from its place automatically, which is quite good.

The formula is waterproof as well, which means it doesn’t melt with water. Still, it’s not a 100% waterproof formula as the product might come off if rubbed with water. The great thing is that it never irritates my eyes.

Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black Applicator

If I don’t touch my eyes then it easily stays for around 5-6 hours, which is pretty good. In fact, even the peeling off is subjective and might not really happen to everyone. Otherwise, the liner doesn’t move from its place and doesn’t fade either. Removing this liner is also very easy.

Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black Swatch

Overall, it is a nice budget-friendly jet black liner that lets you create beautiful wings. Even though it is nice and offers good application, I could not find anything new in this eyeliner, except maybe the applicator. Still, I love it, especially for its pigmentation.

Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black EOTD

Pros of Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black:

• Pretty packaging.
• Affordable.
• Perfect felt tip applicator.
• Can easily create winged eyeliner with it.
• Super pigmented jet black shade.
• Smooth, thin texture glides easily.
• Beautiful glossy finish.
• Dries out quickly.
• Does not look patchy.
• Doesn’t transfer or smudge.
• Moderately waterproof.
• Stays decently for around 6 hours.
• Easy to remove.

Cons of Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black:

• Very less quantity.
• Gets peeled off from the corners.
• Touching or rubbing peels the product off easily.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Black?
It is definitely a good eyeliner.

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