Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm Review

Skin tone: Medium fair, warm undertones
Skin type: Combination, sensitive and acne prone
Lip type: Dry

Hello ladies,

Today, I am reviewing Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance-Free Lip Balm. Read on for more details on this lip balm.

Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm

Product Description:
Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm product description

99 PHP or 130 INR approximately.

Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm ingredients

My Experience with Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm:

Let’s begin the review with the packaging of the product. The lip balm comes in an off-white colored cardboard packaging with green and yellow colored detailing on it. All necessary details about the product are mentioned on the back of this packaging. The tube looks pretty simple and there are no prints on the lip balm tube. The tube is sleek and fits in my pocket easily. Overall, the packaging is very basic yet travel friendly.

Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm full packaging

The lip balm bullet is translucent off white in color. This is a fragrance-free and non-tinted lip balm. There is no tint or color-changing formula in this product hence it does not impart any color to the lips, just a soft sheen which makes the lips healthy. I personally do not like lip balms with a high shine formula, so I have taken a liking to this one. The soft sheen looks very natural and makes my lips look nourished as well.

Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm packaging

This lip balm does not have any shimmer particles in it. Since it is a clear lip balm, it would not cover pigmented lips. I love this balm because of the fact that it can be used under my favorite lipstick without it interfering with the original color of my lipstick. Also, the soft sheen makes it apt to wear under matte lipsticks. This is a fragrance-free lip balm, so if you prefer scented lip balms, you may find it way too boring because of the lack of tint and fragrance. But I personally love it for the tons of hydration it provides to my dry lips.

Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm Review

The texture of the lip balm is great. It is very smooth and creamy hence it glides effortlessly on the lips without any drag. There is no grittiness in the texture of the lip balm and it feels really buttery smooth. It is non sticky and feels comfortable on the lips. The formula is lightweight and does not feel waxy or heavy on the lips. Though, I can feel the presence of this lip balm, still it does not feel heavy. The lip balm does not come with any SPF, which is the only con that I can think of because I prefer using lip balms with SPF while going out in sun. It is enriched with the goodness of royal jelly, shea butter, almond oil, olive oil, beeswax and manuka honey. All of these ingredients are well known for deeply nourishing the skin.

Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm swatch on hand

The lip balm provides good moisturization to my lips and keeps them hydrated for pretty long time. It is suitable for sensitive lips also. The hydration lasts on my lips for hours and the formula is healing and it helps to heal my chapped lips well within two-three uses. Though, the hydration lasts for 5-6 hours when my lips are normal and not extremely dry. But in case of very dry and chapped lips, I need frequent reapplications to heal my lips properly. The lasting power of the lip balm is somewhere around 5-6 hours on my lips. In the mean time, it loses its sheen, but still my lips do not feel any dryness since they are already very much hydrated. Overall, I love lip balms from this brand.

Pros of Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm:

  • Nice packaging.
  • Non-tinted lip balm.
  • No shimmer.
  • Soft sheen.
  • Fragrance free.
  • Buttery smooth texture.
  • Glides easily.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates lips.
  • Moisturization lasts for 5-6 hours.
  • Fragrance free.
  • Colorant free.
  • Preservatives free.

Cons of Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm:

  • Not tinted.
  • Does not hide pigmented lips.
  • Requires reapplication after meals.
  • Does not contain SPF.

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