LipIce Pure Pink Crayon Review

Skin tone: Medium fair, warm undertones

Hello friends,

I am an all time lipstick lover and keep trying new products. Lip crayons are my current favorites. I have hauled a few lip crayons last month. Today, I am reviewing one of the LipIce Lip Crayons in the shade “Pure Pink”. Read on for further details about the product.

LipIce Pure Pink Crayon

Price: 675 INR for 3g
Product Description: LipIce Crayon is a crayon type lipstick with long-lasting colour and velvety smoothness.
• Serves the dual purpose of a lip liner and a lipstick to give you fuller, perky and colourful lips
• Enriched with moisturizing-lock ingredients to deliver long lasting hydration
• Fortified with mint, it provides refreshing feel throughout the day.

LipIce Pure Pink Crayon ingredients

My Experience with LipIce Pure Pink Crayon:

Starting with the packaging of the product, the crayon comes in a clear plastic casing. This case has labels on it that bears necessary product details. The lip crayon comes wrapped with a clear plastic packaging that bears the ingredients list. The crayon has a plain color-coded plastic body and it does not have anything written on it. The color-coded body and cap make these crayons easy to spot in makeup stash. It has a sticker at it base that indicates the shade name. The crayon comes with a nice retractable mechanism, which works pretty smoothly. The crayon is easy to use and does not require any sharpening. Overall, the crayon has a nice, sturdy and travel friendly packaging.

LipIce Pure Pink Crayon packaging

The shade “Pure Pink” is a soft pink shade. The lip crayon has some fine micro shimmers in it, which gives it a frosty finish. Though, I am not a fan of frosty lip colors but I like this shade somehow; may be because it has a ‘little’ frosty finish. The shade is pretty and looks almost natural on the lips. It is a lovely shade for college going girls. It will flatter fair skin tones nicely. But, the pigmentation of the lip crayon is average and does not hide the pigmented lips. It actually looks ugly on highly pigmented lips. The crayon has a nice minty fragrance. The crayon gives an intense cooling sensation to the lips instantly upon applying. I really love the feel of this crayon on my lips.

LipIce Pure Pink Crayon bullet

The texture of the lip crayon is soft and smooth. It is super creamy and glides effortlessly on the lips without any dragging of lips. The lip color feels light on the lips and the color does not feel like sitting on the lips. It does not have a thick and waxy feel. Though the creaminess of the crayon makes it transfer a little but there is no heavy transferring issue. The formula is nice and very moisturizing. It keeps my lips nourished and hydrated for long. It never dries out my lips at all. But, the color clings to the dry patches of the lips very easily. So, prepping the lips is mandatory with this lip color. The color does not bleed or smudge at all.

LipIce Pure Pink Crayon texture

The staying power of the lip crayon is some 4-5 hours on my lips with regular sipping. But, it does not survive full meals. After a heavy meal, the color gets ripped off and settles into the fine lines of the lips. Removing the lip color is pretty easy, just a wet wipe will do the job.

LipIce Pure Pink Crayon swatch

Pros of LipIce Pure Pink Crayon:

• Nice packaging.
• Easy to use.
• Pretty shade.
• Subtle frosty finish.
• Suitable for college going girls.
• Will flatter fairer skin tones.
• Minty fragrance.
• Smooth & creamy texture.
• Glides effortlessly.
• Decently pigmented.
• Very moisturizing & hydrating formula.
• Stays for long.

LipIce Pure Pink Crayon lipswatch

Cons of LipIce Pure Pink Crayon:

• Could have been more pigmented.
• Does not hide pigmented lips well.
• Transfers a little.
• Does not survive meals.
• Clings to the dry patches of the lips easily.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend LipIce Pure Pink Crayon?
Yes, it is a good buy. I would love to try more.

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