Mini Review : MAC Eyeshadow Brule, Romp, Charcoal Brown, Nehru, Tete-a-Tint

MAC Eyeshadow Brule, MAC Eyeshadow Romp, MAC Eyeshadow Charcoal Brown, MAC Eyeshadow Nehru, MAC Eyeshadow Tete-a-tint

Today I am reviewing 5 eyeshadows. Some of these have already become ny favourite in past few months. 🙂

mac charcoal brown eyeshadow


mac tete a tint eyeshadow

  • Price : Rs 720 for refill
  • Shade : a n*de peach. Very similar to MAC Soft Brown but this is more peachy.
  • Finish : Matte 2
  • Texture : very smooth and very pigmented. No creasing. Blends beautifully.
  • Staying Power : all day long when worn with an eyeshadow primer underneath
  • Works best with : almost every color. Great for neutralizing the color of the lids, for blending out color, neutral eye makeup, brightening the lid area.
  • Pick it up : if you are looking for all overall everyday color.
  • Skin tones : all
  • Do I like it ? love it
  • Rating : 5/5

Note : I didn’t see this color on MAC Cosmetics any more. May be they are discontinuing it but it is still available at many stores. The formula especially is just gorgeous.

mac nehru eyeshadow

  • Price : Rs 720 for refill
  • Shade : a dark greyish black. Sooooo much better than MAC Carbon.

Just realized that I have already reviewed it HERE. 🙂 Shows how much I love it. 😛

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Brulemac Brule eyeshadow

  • Price : Rs 720 for refill
  • Shade : creame beige
  • Texture : smooth and blendable. Not chalky or powdery.
  • Finish : Satin. No shimmer.
  • Staying Power : excellent. All day long.
  • Works best : as a highlighter for inner corners and brow bone. If you enjoy doing light lid, it can work well as an overall lid color as well. 🙂
  • Pick it up : if you are looking for an excellent non shimmery highlighter for everyday. But imo, a compact powder in a shade lighter works pretty much the same way. It is a great addition if you are making an everday palette of 4.
  • Skin tones : medium and soft dusky. This wouldn’t show on very light skin tones. Goes really well with wheatish skin tones because of it’s beige undertones.
  • Do I like it ? Love It!
  • Rating : 4.5/5


mac romp eyeshadow

  • Price : Rs 720 for refill
  • Shade : a metallic brown with antique gold shimmer.  Looks very similar to MAC Tempting
  • Texture : Forst. Very buttery. No fall out.
  • Staying Power : Excellent . No creasing.
  • Works best with : all kinds of brown and neutral eyeshadows. Excellent lid and crease color.
  • Skin tones : great on all skin tones.
  • Do I like it ? Really enjoy using this. It adds a bit of fun to the otherwise neutral eyes.
  • Rating : 5/5

I didn’t find romp also on MAC’s website.

Charcoal Brown :

mac charcoal brown eyeshadow

  • Price : Rs 720 for refill
  • Shade : a cool toned greyish taupe brown
  • Finish : Matte. No shimmer.
  • Texture :  Buildable, pigmented and goes on smooth. Not powdery or chalky.
  • Staying Power : Excellent. No fading through out the day. No creasing.
  • Works best with : It works great as an eyebrow filler as well
  • Pick it up : if you enjoy wearing cool toned eyeshadows. I personally do. A light overall color and mac charcoal brown in crease work great as an everyday look.
  • Skin tones : light to medium. It might look a bit ashy on dusky skin tones.
  • Do I like it ? Love it!
  • Rating : 5/5

Swatches : l-r MAC Tete-a-tint ,Nehru, Charcoal Brown, Romp, Brule

mac romp eyeshadow review

mac brule eyeshadow review

Makeup Breakdown:
mac charcoal brown eyeshadow review Eye Makeup Look :MAC Romp eye makeup

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  4. i loved the charcoal brown n romp *drool* *drool* you have such an amazing collection *hifive* and your eotd is damn gorgeous *clap* *clap* looks like some professional snap from the magazine*drool*

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