12 Mistakes Fitness Obsessed Women Should Avoid While Exercising at Home

Regular exercise is imperative for weight loss. A good diet with workout can bring about effective weight loss and get you to the body shape you have always dreamt of. When you don’t exercise and depend only on dieting to lose weight, you would lose muscle along with fat and would look weak and malnourished, instead of appearing well toned and fit. The formula to weight loss is 80% diet control and 20% exercise and you will see considerable drop in weight only then. Also, workout is a great stress buster as it leads to the production of endorphins that make you feel good after exercising. Since all of us are exercising at home right now, it becomes extremely necessary to follow certain rules not only to successfully lose weight but also to avoid injuries to the back, wrist, shoulders, and ankle. In this post, we would be detailing about 12 mistakes fitness obsessed women should avoid while exercising at home.

1. Not warming up: Many people go directly into workout without stretching or warming up. If you skip this important step, you would not be activating the target muscle and would not achieve the desired result. Warming up increases heart rate, activates the muscle, and increases blood flow. Warming up helps to avoid injury and soreness after the workout.
2. Touching face often during workout: In order to avoid acne and breakouts, you should avoid touching your face. Since you would be sweating profusely, avoid touching your face too often to avoid clogged pores.
3. Not pulling back hair: Don’t let your hair loose during workouts to avoid hair sticking up on the face and getting all sweaty. Tie the hair into a comfortable ponytail that is not too tight so that you can focus more on the exercise than fidgeting with hair.
4. Selecting wrong hairband: First of all, choosing a good quality hair band is a must, so that it does not tug on the hair roots tightly. Also, hair bands worn near the forehead will accumulate sweat, which may leave you with an irritated skin and also breakouts near forehead.
5. Not Washing Face Towels: Face towels are must-have during workouts to wipe sweaty face, but make sure you wash them daily and pick a fresh one every day to avoid acne and blemishes from showing up. You can also keep some facial wipes or tissues in your bag in case you forget your towel.
6. Exercising Every Single Day: Workouts are effective only when you have rest days. Your muscles need to rest and heal before they can stretch and shape up. It is also important to avoid burnout and injuries to the muscles because continuous exercise without a break would lead to muscle fiber breakdown. When you are doing strength training, at least two days of rest is required to give muscles adequate time to heal.
7. You are compromising sleep for workout: Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours straight is extremely important – you can slog out in the gym or work two times a day, but weight loss will not happen until you don’t sleep enough. If you have been trying to add more exercises into your routine by comprising sleep, then you are making a big mistake because insufficient sleep can throw important hormones like insulin, human growth hormone, ghrelin (hunger hormone), leptin (satiety hormone) into a tizzy and without proper cooperation from these hormones, weight loss will not happen.
8. You are burning yourself out even when sick: There’s nothing wrong with working out when you are feeling under the weather, but don’t burn yourself out in the process. For days when you are not feeling well enough, try yoga or lightweight exercises to allow your body to recover without stressing it out.
9. Exercise aggressively without diet control: Rigorous workout will not yield any results at all if you eat unhealthy. Eat clean, workout well without over exerting, and you will get to your goal weight soon. You can follow diet programs and workouts on Rati Beauty and involve workout into your routine, and that way, lose weight without compromising on health.
10. Too much cardio without Lifting Weights: One can spend hours on the treadmill, but without lifting weights or strength training, you would not be happy at all with the results. Squats, deadlift, dumbbell exercises will fasten up fat and inch loss.
11. Getting Obsessed with Weighing Scale: Never measure your weight loss success on weighing scale. If you feel demotivated every time you step on the scale, then it’s better not to measure your success by stepping on it. It’s prudent to weigh yourself just once a week and instead take other factors into consideration, like how loose your clothes have become, how energetic you feel, and how soundly you can sleep at night.
12. Not Cooling Down After Workout: Cooling down after a heavy-duty workout session, cardio, HIIT, and even yoga is extremely important, just as important as warming up. During workout, your heart rate and blood pressure shoot up, and it’s essential to practice low intensity stretching and exercises to bring both down to their normal pace in order for the muscles to recover. It’s because high-intensity exercises lead to buildup of lactic acid in the body and cooling down helps to get rid of this acid which may otherwise cause soreness. Also, cooling down reduces the risk of injury so that you can workout with gusto the next day.

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