Morphe M437 Pro Blender/Contour Brush Review

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For past of couple of months, I have been trying and reviewing Morphe products. In this post, I am reviewing a brush bought after a recommendation from a Youtube beauty guru – Jaclyn Hill. I adore her makeup and sometimes try to imitate her looks. She has a whole set of recommended brushes but buying them all together is expensive so, I have been buying them as and when I find some petty cash or as they become available in my local Ulta. This brush comes highly recommended by her, but this one failed to impress me. Read on to know about it.

Morphe M437 Pro BlenderContour Brush Review

Product Description:
Bristle Type: Sable
Bristles: 1 1/4″
Full Length: 6 3/4″


My Experience with Morphe M437 Pro Blender/Contour Brush:

M437 is a brush specifically meant for contouring and blending. It has a long, slender stem in matte black finish and bristles are tightly held in silver metal case. The brush looks expensive, well made and the bristles are super soft.

Morphe M437 Pro BlenderContour Brush Handle

The bristles are tightly packed and they appear fluffy in the pictures on the website, but I find all the Morphe products images on the website deceiving. In the website image, it appears fluffy and perfect for blending powder products, but what they fail to show or mention is that the top part of the brush is almost flat and rather broad. It can still be used for bronzing, but it has to be used with caution because, it can pick up a lot of product and also since it is fluffy and not flattened, it can apply a lot more product than required. Bronzing and contouring is meant for very specific regions of face and if not applied properly, it can give a clownish appearance to face.

Morphe M437 Pro BlenderContour Brush Bristles

Apart from the inappropriate shape, the brush has an another major flaw and that is it sheds terribly. It was not cleaning or vigorous blending that caused it to shed rather just gentle usage of the brush causes it to shed miserably. This is my least favorite brush recommended by Jacylin Hill. It did not hurt me too much because, it is decently priced, but I still regret buying it and do not recommend it to the readers.

Morphe M437 Pro BlenderContour Brush Part

Morphe M437 Pro BlenderContour Brush Head

The bristles are black in color and are made up of sable. They are easy to clean (I use rubbing alcohol for spot cleaning or mild dish cleaning detergent for deep cleaning) but it will cause the brush to shed. It can be used to apply bronzer in the hollows of cheeks to accentuate them. It can also be used to lightly dust some blush or powder on face and I also use it to apply highlighter on the high points of my cheeks and blend it with the blush.

Morphe M437 Pro BlenderContour Brush Tip

Pros of Morphe M437 Pro Blender/Contour Brush:

  • Affordable, well made, super soft and fluffy brush.
  • Comparable to other more expensive alternatives.
  • Has densely shaped bristles which flare out at the end to make blending easier (but not so perfect for contouring of face).
  • Perfect for blending loose powder and diffusing it to give an air brush finish to face.
  • Can be used to apply and blend highlighter on the high points of face and the collar bones.
  • Available online on Morphe site and by other third-party sellers. It is also available in Ulta stores.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Cons of Morphe M437 Pro Blender/Contour Brush:

  • Availability can be an issue for some. Consumers outside USA might have to use third party seller to buy Morphe products and might be forced to pay higher than the actual retail price
  • Brush is too large for face contouring and might not be perfect for this purpose.
  • Brush is a terrible shedder and it makes its quality questionable.

IMBB Rating: 2/5
Do I Recommend Morphe M437 Pro Blender/Contour Brush?
I love all the brushes by the brand Morphe but this particular brush is my least favorite because, it sheds a lot and is not perfectly shaped for contouring. So, I do not recommend it.

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