Makeup Revolution Pro F105 Contour Brush Review

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Contouring is one of the biggest makeup trends, and it has become quite a rage among beginners. Contouring helps the face to appear slimmer, enhances the best features and shades a few parts of the face to push back. However, contouring in an art and it will definitely come with practice. Once you pick it up, a contouring kit and an efficient contour brush are certainly necessary.

Makeup Revolution Pro F105 Contour Brush Review

Contouring the face is not really difficult, just a contouring shade which is 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone and a contour brush are needed to sculpt the features. I had reviewed Ecotools Makeup Brushes Kit a few months ago (which has an angled brush for contouring). The brushes are extremely good, soft and competent. However, when I was at Superdrug last month, I picked up a fine contour brush from Makeup Revolution. Now, I am quite satisfied by the results of this brush.

Makeup Revolution London offers real good products at very reasonable prices. The brand offers many cosmetics, makeup brushes and accessories; I have tried their Protection Palette and I am quite happy about it. This is my second purchase from the brand, and for the amount that I have paid, it is definitely fit for its use and results. Here is my review.

Product Description:
Create a natural or intense contour with this brush which is shaped to fit the cheekbones. For use with bronzer, powder blush as well as cream blush as well as other contouring products.

The brush body is in black with the thick golden rim above the brush.


My Experience with Makeup Revolution Pro F105 Contour Brush:

This contour brush is really good and it is specifically designed for blending shades and for getting the desired results. The bristles are extremely soft and smooth and made of synthetic fibre. It is an angled brush and the body (handle) of the brush is quite long so that the colour can be applied perfectly. The breadth of the brush is quite adequate to fit the cheekbones. Be it blush, bronzer, it is ideal to sweep and get the preferred look. The pointed edge of the brush is used to sculpt the face around the hairline and jawline. It’s quite convenient to gradually increase the pigmentation.

makeup brush

Just dab the brush into your desired shade back and forth and sweep over cheekbones, and your job is done. Apart from cheekbones, it works well for any targeted contouring area – forehead, jaw line or nose. As I have oily skin, I have used this brush with powdered bronzers and blushes, and the usage is quite expedient. However, just to check the results, I did experiment with liquids and creams and it was quite decent enough. But, using powders is quite appropriate as it’s less messy, according to me.


The pointed edge can be used to add dark shades to the hollows of the cheeks, jawline and sides of forehead, chin and nose. Out of my experience, I have noticed that this works better for anyone who has a long face. The bristles are quite dense and it’s quite easy to wash them. The brush retains its shape well after washing. Apart from contouring, you can use this as a blusher brush too.

contour brush

However, one thing is for sure that you really need time for contouring. Applying a few strokes of bronzer/foundation and then working with the highlighter and ending with a blush. Quite a task in the early mornings! I am still a dabbler, but I LOVE playing with various shades. Usually, I go for light contouring during work days, and like to spend good amount of time on contouring for social meets.

Pros of Makeup Revolution Pro F105 Contour Brush:

• Bristles are quite soft and dense
• Helps to contour cheekbones
• Size of the bristles and brush handle are perfect
• Doesn’t shed bristles after several uses
• Applies the product evenly
• Blends the shade flawlessly
• Easy to wash

Cons of Makeup Revolution Pro F105 Contour Brush:

• Not convenient for a travel bag

IMBB Rating:
4.5 out of 5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Makeup Revolution Pro F105 Contour Brush?
There is not a single reason for me to say no; it’s a good buy and has a good shelf value. As I already have one, I am not repurchasing.

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