Murad Essential-C Toner Review

Murad has a line of products to reduce skin pigmentation and blemishes and eventually add glow and brightness to skin (this range has orange-yellow color labels). I used the skin serum from this range and enjoyed it a lot, so decided to pair it with the toner from this range. I had high expectations from this toner since I enjoyed the serum so much, but it does not share the same “wow factor” as the former.

Murad Essential C Toner

Product Description:
Essential-C Toner is a patented formula that restores suppleness to environmentally stressed skin and delivers antioxidants to fight free radicals. Coneflower and licorice root extracts tone and brighten skin for a healthy radiance, while natural moisture factors condition and help skin retain moisture for firmness and elasticity. Essential-C Toner is recommended as a step one toner in any Murad Environmental Shield® regimen. It restores and replenishes environmentally stressed skin as part of Dr. Murad’s Inclusive Health® system of care.

Murad Essential C Toner details

Murad Essential C Toner ingredients

My Experience with Murad Essential-C Toner:

This toner claims to add moisture to skin by restoring natural pH of skin – the change in pH of skin is obviously not observable by the end user but is perhaps backed by some lab study, however, this was not the factor that appealed to me. The reason why I bought it was because I enjoyed using the serum from this range (it really did help diminish scars and pigmentation on my skin) and thought pairing it with the toner will further enhance its potency, but unfortunately, it was asking for too much. The functionality of the serum remained the same before and after the regular usage of toner.

Murad Essential C Toner Review

It claims, “Essential-C Toner is a patented formula that restores suppleness to environmentally stressed skin and delivers antioxidants to fight free radicals.”, this claim seemed a bit farfetched to me, but again, most brands are competing to attract more consumer base than others. However, it does claim to add moisture to the skin and this was the most disappointing aspect about it because it didn’t moisturize my skin at all, in fact it leaves skin as dry as it feels straight out of shower. Since it has high content of vitamin C, it cannot be layered too much, like in case of the “7 Skin Method,” but even with a couple of layers, it does not add the moisture like the way a usual toner does.

Murad Essential C Toner product details

It contains licorice root and coneflower extract which promote skin brightness. I am sure that these extracts do work as advertised but, again like I mentioned before, I didn’t notice a drastic change. Maybe it can be used with a different, more natural ingredient-based serum or moisturizer to further appreciate this toner.

Murad Essential C Toner cap

It comes in a generous size bottle – 180 ml. It has a sturdy, clear plastic packaging with a mister on top. I am almost done with the product but the mister is still in a good condition. The product is clear like water and has a very mild, citrus fragrance – diluted orange juice, which vanishes as soon as product is applied.

Pros of Murad Essential-C Toner:

  • Love the key ingredients in the product and what they claim to do.
  • Comes in a good-sized bottle with a sturdy mister on top.
  • Has a pleasant citrus fragrance.
  • If used regularly, it might add glow and brightness to skin.
  • It is easily available in Sephora stores.

Cons of Murad Essential-C Toner:

  • It might seem expensive to some – toners have cheaper alternatives too.
  • It has a long list of ingredients (apart from the key ingredients mentioned before) and most of them are alcohol based.
  • It was not as amazing as the serum from the same range. The serum can stand alone but I can’t say the same for the toner.
  • It adds no moisture to skin and as soon as it is applied, it has to be followed by a moisturizer or a serum or it dries out the skin

I would recommend it to those who love to dabble with different kind of skin care products but others who are looking for a an all-rounder good toner might have to keep looking.

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