15 Ways to Maintain pH Level of Your Skin

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We all are surrounded by skin care products which claim to balance the pH level of your skin. But why do we need that? What is it about? How does it affect the appearance and behavior of our skin? First of all, let’s start with some “school days” memories. Remember those little pink strips that turn red or blue in chemistry practical class? It is called Litmus paper on which blue indicates base and red indicates acid. So, now you remember pH thing, right? So, same ‘funda’ goes with our skin. Our skin has a thin layer which is called acid mantle. Let’s know more about it and then move towards some tips to maintain the delicate pH balance of your skin.
pH of skin

What is Acid Mantle?

It is a thin protective layer on skin’s surface, made up of sebum excreted by skin’s sebaceous glands. These free fatty acids (sebum) then mixes with lactic and amino acids from sweat and this way the skin’s pH is created, which is supposed to be slightly acidic i.e. about 5.5 . Maintaining pH level of skin means taking care of different imbalance causing factors (like diet, topical applications etc) and getting to that 5.5 pH level. Some makeup and skin care products, smoking, air, water, sun and pollution can lead to the hampering of the acid mantle, disrupting the skin’s ability to protect itself .The acid mantle is a natural skin defense mechanism, but if your pH level is too alkaline or too acidic, it gets disturbed and skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, severe acne and enlarged pores may happen.


1. Check your water intake:
Drink lots and lots of water throughout the day, every day. Drink two glasses of water as soon as you wake up. This will cleanse your body and cool down the acids in the stomach working on your food from last night’s dinner. Adding some honey to luke warm water also helps. Some people add lemon for weight loss but if you suffer acidity, you should skip lemon in your first beverage of the morning.

2. Healthy beginning of the day:
cucumber basil lemonade
Add some sort of nutritious fruit or veggie to your breakfast. If you are a ‘cornflakes person’, you can add some strawberries, blue berries etc to your bowl of cornflakes. Some roasted tomatoes with your sunny-side up or avocado mash.

3. Avoid junk food:
Make sure you refrain yourself from junk and treat yourself with some detoxifying smoothies whenever you feel you have had enough of spicy oily junk or street food.

4. Suitable skin care:
fresh clean face
Make your skin care products are apt for your skin type. Not every product works for every skin type. Read reviews and experiences on IMBB before buying any skin care product.

5. Sunscreen:
sunscreen lotion
The daily use of sunscreen is compulsory. Sunscreen protects the acid mantle as it acts as a shield for the skin cells from sun damage, hence increases the skin’s ability to protect itself.

6. Shampoo with care:
Never shampoo right after cleansing and exfoliating your skin. It will affect the pH levels and also clog pores. Always remove shampoos and conditioners well.

7. Say no to bar soaps:
Never use harsh bar soaps on your face. They totally disrupt the natural oils, making skin super dry and then skin produces a lot more sebum than usual.

8. OCM:
Oil Cleansing Method does wonders in maintaining pH balance for dry skin. TBS Silky Camomile cleansing oil is a great option.

9. Luke warm water:
Don’t use too cold or too hot water to rinse your face. Always use luke warm water.

10. DIY toner:
face spray
Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar acts as great pH balancing toner. It’s a simple DIY recipe which is an inexpensive alternative to toners from high end brands.

11. Lemons can be harmful:
Always dilute lemon or combine it with honey before applying it on your skin as a natural remedy for lightening and brightening.

12. Serums over creams:
Go for penetrating serums meant for pH balancing rather than thick creams.

13. Clever cleansing:
Use micellar cleansing solution rather than a foamy soapy wash in the morning if your skin turns flaky after morning face wash.

14. A change in diet:
fruits and vegetables
Make salads – both fruits and veggie ones, a permanent part of your diet.

15. Take care:
Avoid direct sunlight, pollution and try to cover your face well while commuting in public transport.

Last but not the least; do see a dermatologist in case your skin isn’t behaving well from a long time. A derma examines your skin very well to suggest you products which help in regaining the right pH levels for your skin.

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