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Vidya H. asks:

Hi Rati, Neha and Jomol,

I have been a silent follower of IMBB and I love every bit of the work that you guys (including Sanjeev – he is clearly the backbone of the whole enterprise) have been doing! I love reading the various reviews that the lovely ladies painstakingly write and particularly love the fitness segment and the DIYs.

I have a few questions related to the laser hair reduction treatment that Rati and Jomol have undergone. Can you guys be so kind as to answer my questions and clarify them?
I am specifically interested in getting rid of my upper lip hair and maybe the hair on my chin as well.
1. Is the area to which laser is to be applied always shaved before the start of the treatment? [I am petrified that this will lead to thicker hair growth]
2. by what percentage can we expect hair growth to be reduced [I was told that it is only a method of reduction but not permanent removal]
3. what hormonal tests should I undergo to rule out related problems?
4. I have heard of stories where all the hair returned in a year or two? Jomol, what is your experience here?
5. what is this annual maintenance that will have to be done?
6. Is electrolysis more effective than laser? Any idea if I can get this done at Bangalore and the involved costs?
7. Jomol – a question specifically to you – where did you get the whole treatment done as I understand you also got it done for your facial hair? How much did it cost and was it worth the money? What is hair growth like now? What would you recommend?

Thanks so much everyone in advance for your help and support. Its something that will help me increase my self confidence as I am uncomfortable with waxing and tweezing my upper lip hair.

Much love and regards to each of you 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Laser Facial Hair Removal: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Vidya, a BIG Thank you from all of us for appreciating our efforts *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou*

    First of all, I paid for each session even though packages were also available. It costed me around Rs. 5000 each time including taxes for only the facial area. You might get deals if you choose a packaging. Yes, the area would always be shaved before the laser. Laser only reduces the appearance of hair over time because it does not work on the hair follicle. On the other hand, electrolysis is much more effective because it works on the root though its time consuming and painful. As a permanent solution, electrolysis is definitely a better option. You can use justdial services to locate a clinic or doctor who would do electrolysis (doctors quote a bit higher). If you are going to a doctor, he/she would suggest hormonal tests to rule out underlying problems such as PCOd, thyroid, etc. But if you go to a salon/beauty clinic, they don’t ask you to undergo any tests. If you haven’t yet tested, its better to undergo 🙂

    You should regularly undergo maintenance sessions to keep the hair growth in check. Usually, they prescribe two to three maintenance sessions.

  2. I do recommend laser and if you can get done electrolysis, its even better 🙂 Its worth the money if you follow it up regularly and get it done at Kaya, they are really good at it 🙂

  3. Hi Vidya I am myself getting hair removal from upper lip, lower lip and Chin. I have mixed sessions which include ND-yag, diode and Photo laser. Photo laser is very painful. Infact I got one session yesterday itself. Diode is the lease effective. Hair growth is sparse and ranges from 2-3 months depending upon the treatment.

    I get patchy growth now. Hair is softer although. no harm due to the razor. Don’t worry.

    I recommend laser treatment. However, I have heard that Upper lip takes the longest. Please remember that it is hair reduction process and there is no guarantee of permanent removal. I am not too sure about the recurrence of hair growth. It may happen due to some hormonal changes later in life. Good luck with the process.

    Take care

      1. You are a sweetheart *puchhi*
        I just wanted to know that like you said Laser only reduces the appearance of the hair, doesnt permanently remove them. In terms of visibility, are the after laser results better than bleach? or will you have to still bleach the smaller hair that reappears?
        Thanks in advance *thankyou*

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