Natural Makeup Tips

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Some days we just couldn’t be bothered with makeup, we’d rather just go bare faced. Those who can step out bare faced without a problem are blessed. If you can’t, natural makeup is your best bet. Natural makeup is quick, easy, light and doesn’t take too much movement to complete.

Natural Makeup Tips

Healthy Habits, Healthy Skin

Natural makeup is loved because it’s sheer and there aren’t many layers being applied and healthy skin equals to less layers. To achieve that, we’ve got to get our fitness and skin regime on track.

Natural Makeup Tips

Find a skincare routine and stick to it. Remember to be consistent and exfoliate when you need to. Moisturize and protect your skin. The effort is worth it.

Eat clean, exercise and remember to consume plenty of water. Healthy living will also make a whole lot of difference to your skin.

Don’t Sleep With Makeup On

Natural Makeup Tips

We all know this rule but not everyone abides by it. You’ll absolutely regret skipping this rule. Why? Sleeping with makeup on will clog your pores and this will result in accumulation of bacteria which will cause dull skin, acne and our worst nightmare – breakouts.

It doesn’t take long to wipe of the gunk and makeup. If you’d rather not go through cleansing oils or traditional makeup removers, there are makeup removing cleansers and makeup wipes as alternatives.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help In Finding The Perfect Shade of Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer

Natural Makeup Tips

The shop attendants are there for a reason, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Finding the perfect shade plays a huge part in natural makeup. A shade too dark or a shade too light could sabotage the whole thing.You don’t want that and neither do I.

Plus, making a trip back to change your foundation/tinted moisturizer shade would be really inconvenient. Ask if you’re not sure which shade would look better and ask if you think it might look weird on you. If you’re not sure about the coverage, ask! Save time, money and look great! 🙂

Don’t Go Crazy With The Bronzer

Natural Makeup Tips

Bronzer does wonders to the skin and it’s amazing for natural makeup. It enhances our best features, gives the skin an amazing glow and makes the face appear slimmer. But, apply too much and you’ll be crazy orange. You wouldn’t look too sun-kissed anymore, that’s not the look we’re going for.

Apply bronzer lightly to the areas where the sun would naturally bronze you up for a beautiful glow on the skin. If you’re trying to get your face to appear slimmer, apply lightly on the hallows of your cheeks and a little on your sideburns.

Never Abandon The Mascara

Natural Makeup Tips

You can skip the eyeliners and eye shadow quads but never overlook the mascara. Mascara are like high heels for our eyes. How? High heels accentuate S-lines on our bodies, mascara opens up the eyes and adds an extra something to the eyes.

It’ll brighten your eyes and it makes a whole lot difference too. Don’t forget to curl your lashes, it’ll open up your eyes.

Concealer Is Your Best Friend

Natural Makeup Tips

Natural makeup is all about light layers, your foundation is bound to be light and sheer. A sheer foundation won’t cover all your blemishes but don’t fret, grab a concealer pen.

Liquid concealers are great for dark circles, hyperpigmentation, redness and etc. If a liquid concealer is unable to fully conceal certain areas, the stick concealer will come into play.

When using a stick concealer, always use a concealer brush to blend out the edges but don’t touch the concealed blemish. A concealer brush will give you a flawless finish. Remember to always use a liquid concealer before using a stick concealer.

Don’t Forget About The Eyebrows

Natural Makeup Tips

Never forget the eyebrows, it completes the whole look. If anything goes wrong with the eyebrows, the whole look would look weird.

For a fast, light and quick application, use a tinted brow gel. It great to use in the morning and it looks more natural as compared to using brow powder. If you a little more skilled, a felt tip eyebrow pencil would give the most natural result.

That’s all I’ve got for now, good luck with natural makeup! If you’ve got more natural makeup tips, share! Have a great one girls. 🙂

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