Nature’s Essence Acne Magic Cream Review

Hi lovely ladies,

I believe everyone had a wonderful diwali. This is my favourite time of the year with so much festivity around, ideal time to splurge. I got a few high end products this time , will review them once i use them enough to form an opinion. Today I shall be revieiwing a cream which I bought at the spur of the moment. I have extremely troubled skin (read oily open pores, acne prone) and whenever I see a product which claims to reduce acne I jump and buy it without giving a second thought . Please read on further if this cream helped me to cure my acne problem.

Nature’s Essence Acne Magic Cream

Product being reviewed: Nature’s Essence Acne Magic Cream

Price/ Quantity: INR 30 for 20gms.

Product Claims: The over activity of the sebaceous glands leads to excess production of sebum oil causing acne and pimples, this dry antiseptic acne cream ensures that the excess oil is soaked and the infection pulled out of the skin making skin acne and pimple free. Presence of natural wonder like neem, turmeric, cloves are perfect for alleviating the acne problem.
Nature’s Essence Acne Magic Cream  (3)
Packaging: It comes in a white plastic tube with a screw cap. It has a white and green sticker pasted on it carrying the product info. They may have used green colour to give it a more natural / ayurvedic look but the whole look of it seems a little low class. I mean i did not expect a very fancy packaging from such a reasonably priced cream but still instead of a sticker it could have been printed on the tube. Nevertheless, the tube is travel friendly. The screw cap is tight and the hole beneath dispenses the right amount of cream.

Nature’s Essence Acne Magic Cream  (3)

Colour/ Fragrance: It is an off white coloured cream with a strong fragrance which much to my liking is of some essential oil. It actually smells like an antiseptic cream but again I am afraid they may have added certain artificial fragrances to it.

acne cream

Consistency: It is a semi thick cream which applies to the pimples without any hassles. Once put it stays on and dries within fifteen minutes. The instructions on the cream also say that it should be applied for 15 minutes and the excess wiped off. Well, I put it at night and in the morning some dried part of it is still on my face.

Efficacy: Though I dint expect wonders but I really had high expectations. I must say I am not disappointed . It has worked on the pimples by drying them in 2-3 days application but it does not really work on the marks. The marks are as it is there but my pimples have dried to a very large extent. It is not prohibiting the newer lesions but combating the existing ones effectively.

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All, in all a nice anti acne cream which works moderately.

Summarising the pros and cons,

Pros of Nature’s Essence Acne Magic Cream

1. Reasonably priced
2. Claims to be an ayurvedic medicine with all natural ingredients which is good for the troubled skin.
3. Dries pimples within 2-3 days of application.

acne cream (1)

Cons of Nature’s Essence Acne Magic Cream

1. Though it has an ayurvedic fragrance but it may still affect/ react on the extra sensitive skin and sensitive noses may not be able to bear the same.
2. Packaging can be worked upon.
3. Does not work on the marks.

IMBB Rating :

4 out of 5

Do I recommend/ Will I repurchase Nature’s Essence Acne Magic Cream?

Yes I think at this price it is a steal.

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  1. Wahhhh this looks good *happy dance* *happy dance* this will be good fr overnight treatment i suppose *happy dance* apply lemon on your face everyday for an hour for a few days and see your spots will be gone.. i have tried that *happy dance* lemon fades them to a good extent *pompom*

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