My Struggle With Acne and Products That Worked

My Struggle With Acne and Products That Worked

Hello ladies!

Today I won’t be reviewing a product but instead I’m going to talk about my struggle with acne and what worked for me. This article might be a tad too long to read but if you’re struggling with acne, do take out a few moments to read this.

I was suffering from bad acne ever since I was 13 and it’s just been a year since my acne has been totally under control. I had back, chest and arm acne too. It looked horrible. Nothing really worked for me. Clean and clear was a joke and Ultra Clearasil dried my skin so bad that it started to flake. Neutrogena worsened this situation and even makeup looked horrible on my skin. All those home remedies? Well, nothing worked. Himalaya Herbals Neem facepack’s visible effects were as temporary as Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil products effects. Ayurvedic medicines just didn’t seem to suit my stomach so I quit that too. That was when I realized, I’m stuck between a rock and a crazy place.

Products for acne

Today, I’m 21 and I’ve finally managed to put on my anti-acne shields and win the battle against what seemed like a life long struggle of zits. I’m going to share with you girls today the few tips that helped me with my acne. I have combination skin, so anyone with same skin types please take notes!

• I stopped using normal body soap for my face and started using a simple face wash for oily skin. Face washes for Acne didn’t work for me because they would dry out my skin more than my pus filled pimples. You can use any face wash for oily skin but make sure it isn’t too drying. Stay away from acne-prone skin face washes. I started using a very affordable Ponds Oil Control Face Wash and Nivea Visage for mixed-oily skin.

Ponds matte perfect face wash

• Face scrubs irritated my already irritated skin even more so I stopped using them all together for at almost 2 years. Now that my skin is clear, I use them in my skin routine.

• I reduced my sugar intake, started drinking a lot of water and exercised. By exercise I don’t mean sweating it out like crazy at the gym. Enough workout to sweat your pores out and keep you active.

• I never wear the same clothes twice. It happens to all of us; if the top still smells like your awesome deodorant, it can be worn again. NO. STOP. The bacteria from your body acne transfers to your clothes. Wear fresh clothes everyday after your shower.

• I threw away my fancy makeup removers and started using Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for sensitive skin. It worked wonders for me.


• Ice cubes and lemon were my new best friends. I would apply lemon to my skin directly once in 2 days and apply an ice cube all over my face to reduce redness.

• I didn’t use any moisturizers. Nothing helped me so I just stopped. I would use a very little amount of petroleum jelly and lightly dab it on my skin. A few minutes later I would wipe it off with a damb handkerchief after some of it was absorbed.

• ALWAYS SANITISE. Yes, I always sanitized my hands before touching my face. As crazy as it sounds, it did wonders for my skin. Before applying any lotion, before makeup, before almost anything.

Dettol Hand Sanitizer

• I washed and disinfected all my makeup brushes and my razors once every 3 days or sooner and all my towels were disinfected using some Dettol in water. You can also use a pinch of Dettol in your bath for your body.

• Last but not the least, the ointment that helped me the most was – Benzoyl Peroxide Gel BP from GALDERMA. This ointment comes in 2.5% and 5% of solution in it. I used 5% for a month or two for extremely severe acne and now I use 2.5% regularly to disinfect my skin. You should use it twice every day. I now use it once before sleeping.

My acne has now been in check ever since I started this routine. I can swear by the Benzoyl Peroxide Gel and Cetaphil Cleasing Lotion. Your skin might get very dry after using the Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 5%, use Cetaphil Moisturizer or follow the Petroleum Jelly routine as I did.

It’s funny how I went around looking for the most expensive products for my acne which only added to my then existing acne problem. All the products mentioned above are super affordable ( Below Rs. 150 ) and easily available in India.

Please give this routine a shot; you will not be disappointed and that, I can promise you.


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57 thoughts on “My Struggle With Acne and Products That Worked

  1. Thanks so much for this preiti:)
    it will be so helpfuk for tons of readers including me…
    I think changing pillow covers often also helps 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading, Neha!
      And yes, changing pillow covers is a good idea too. Heard it helps but I never tried it though.

  2. great writeup preiti. i hd acne 2 yrs…kping soft hanky or tissue alwys while travelling helpd a lot.touching face czs hell of brkouts.
    n contrary to wht ppl believe bby oil or vaseline cd work vegetable oils wl degrade on skin n bacteria grows in it.

  3. Hi Preiti, I have gone through few videos on you tube for acne issues…it might help you…i dont knw hw authentic this product is bt still would recommend u to go through it onces….. …..if u r planing to buy it PLEASE read everything about it….its just a suggestion…i have never used it neither i knw anybody who have used it….so watch YT & google abt it… hope u come out of this acne issue…its wired… can understand ur pain…

  4. Thanks so much for this post Preiti….I use Adapelene cream to control acne. Most of the products break me out, so I have to pick up products carefully 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading, Jo! 🙂
      I haven’t tried Adapelene ever..I’ll check it out. I break out here and there during my period or changing weather.

  5. Agree on all the points. If someone follows these, he/she would see results soon enough. I’d also like to add – change your bed sheets and pillow cases every alternate day and treat dandruff if you have it. Scrubbing an acne prone skin is the worst thing someone could do.

  6. This is an amazing post.. and it came at the right time. Im 26 and my face was full of acne till recently.. which used to make me sad. And trust me when I say this that I have used almost each and every acne solution available in the market. The face washes specially made fr acne prone skin dint suit me as i have combination sensitive skin. It made my skin extremely dry and flaky. I started using cetaphil cleansing lotion and moisturiser and my acne started clearing.. I use it in conjuction with Vichy Normaderm night cream and it works like a miracle. I hardly get 1-2 pimples now during that time of the month. Sorry for such a long comment but I just had to mention this. Thanks for the additional tips of ice, lemon and benzoyl peroxide. 🙂

  7. jomol i use adaferin same like adaphelene… It really worked wonders on my skin… I recommended it to my cousin also,who got bad breakout after a herbal bleach… Within a weak the acne prob was under control..

  8. awwwww……such a nice article…..claps for you… wrote it perfectly….though i dont gave acne prob, i just read it and guess what….i saved it coz u wrote it at its best…. 🙂

  9. So nice of you Preiti for writing this article. Its so hard for everyone to find products that actually work you know! Your article will help a lot! Thanks! 🙂 And kudos for winning the battle against acne..must be feeling so good! 🙂
    Stay blessed and beautiful! 🙂

  10. This is very helpful and inspiring…. funny how simplicity is often the solution for our long battled problems…. I am going to get the ointment for sure….
    I got an allergy and now my face is covered with post-acne blemishes… and I still battle a few acne everyday

  11. i am using saslic face wash 4% and it has helped. though my acne is still there. i bought brevoxyl today. it is also 4% benzoyl peroxide. i hope it wont cause irritation. btw, does BP help with scars too? I am also using cetaphil and lactocalamine as spot treatment. Great article Preiti. My skin got clear but past 3 mnths m breaking out too due to change of climate :-/

    1. Thanks babe!
      BP doesn’t help with scars. It’s strictly for acne only. My skin breaks out slightly during periods and change of weather too but that’s normal for everyone.

      1. nice informative post preiti… also battling acne for quite some time now…..i mostly use bioderma products but my skin somehow manages to breakout badly once in a while….doesn’t lemon irritate the skin when used directly??gonna try that anyway…..

        @tarannum- Retin A works on scars-it worked wonders for my skin-but do consult a dermatologist first…..

  12. Since I’ve been struggling with acne since the age of 18 yrs (I’m 28 now) I could add my two bits here. I have tried topical and oral antibiotics, to peels to tretinoin tablets (which really cleared everything for few months… zero blackheads!!), peels, fraxel laser and what not! I’ve literally spent lakhs on it. I tried benzoyl peroxide but it was really harsh (I’ve sensitive skin too). The only thing that my skin could tolerate (with help from heaps of moisturiser) was Adaplene gel.

    Worst mistake: Dermats would make me leave the treatment once the acne got cleared. All of them (10 yrs and 4 renowned dermats).

    So, I realised I will have to include some anti acne regimen for the rest of my life. And I’m back on Adaplene now, since 2 months 🙂 My skin is slowly getting better. Journey to good skin is long, but thank you guys for sharing your experiences. It gives me hope. 🙂

    1. Hey Jyot, it’s always advisable to use an acne ointment once in every 2-3 days and slowly reduce it to maybe twice a week.

      Disinfecting the skin is a must and Acne ointments do that. Don’t completely stop using these just because your skin has cleared out! It’s just like going on a diet and exercising; once you stop, the fat comes back!

  13. preeeeeitiiii…just what i wanted to read this moment!!!!!
    but benzoyl peroxide’s not helping..i start getting these bumps..
    not that i’ve huge acne issues now, but of late tiny eruptions have been popping up on my forehead and along the jaw & chin..
    I use Surfaz-SN on the zits..clindamycin works so late..dayss…
    yep, i agree with you on the facewash part__drying the skin produces more sebum in excess to naturally hydrate our skin, and eventually clogs pores..then combine it with dirt and daily pollution issues and you got zits..they start some 4-5weeks in advance under the skin surface..hence a stringent regimen is important!

    Also, where do I get the Cetaphil cleansing lotion? any site online??

  14. You know, I’ve never had acne, and I rarely breakout. When I was in my teens, I would get the occasional pimple, but now, the last major zit I had was so long ago, I don’t even remember what it felt like. I just got lucky, I guess.
    Still, I feel happy when I read accounts of people who have managed to beat the acne bully up and kick him in the shin, because I’ve heard how frustrating it can get with the whole vicious cycle.
    Yay for you, Preiti! 🙂 I will suggest Cetaphil to some people I know with acne. It might help them.

  15. Hi all, here i must need to add some tips for those who suffer from summer oily & winter dry skin type, Yes it is obvious to sanitize hands before using face wash, Cetaphil is miracle, use both the face wash, normal & only for oily skin to maintain the balance of oil in your skin. Try a drop of cetaphil moisturizer after using face wash. Make ice cubes with water of tulsi & camphor, rub them before going out. Use home made pack of Turmeric, lemon juice, tulsi juice & curd, apply once in a week. Tulsi(Basil) do wonders for acne. Avoid cosmetics. And keeping nails, hands, pillows dress clean & hygenic will heip everyone a loy quick recovery. Eating raw turmeric root also good, it keeps fair skin & removes facial hairs.

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