Nature’s Essence Sun Ban 30 Sunscreen Lotion Review

Nature’s Essence Sun Ban 30 Sunscreen Lotion

Hey ya all IMBB beauties :pompom: A few days ago Sanjeev ji wrote an informative article on sunscreens. In continuation with that I want to review a product which I’m using since June this year. :toothgrin: I’m gonna review Nature’s Essence Sun Ban 30 Sunscreen Lotion today. Mine has SPF 30, other variants having SPF 20 & SPF 40 are also available as SA told me but were not available at the counter. I was waiting for SPF 40 of the same product so first time when SA showed it to me I didn’t purchased it. I’ve a fair complexion & my skin needs SPF 50 according to Lakme’s know your SPF in 3 easy steps published in Femina’s May edition.
Nature’s Essence Sun Ban 30 Sunscreen Lotion
On my next visit to that shop SPF 40 was still not available. :spank: At last, I purchased this.

I bought this product for my arms & feet basically, for face I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sun Block SPF 50. It’s a small tube of 30ml so I don’t use it on hands & other areas currently. I’m pretty satisfied with what it does to me except for the price hence a different product for my arms & feet. :toothgrin:

Price: Rs. 65
Quantity: 60ml
Shelf Life: 3 years from manufacturing date
It has TPI* 60 (TAN Protection Index)
Suitable for all skin types
Ingredients: Aloevera Juice, Turmeric Extract, Basil Oil. (Complete list is missing)

What packaging says
SUNBAN is a moisturizing sun protection lotion which provides full spectrum protection to the skin from UV rays. The natural added extract protects the skin against suntan. Good for all skin types. Can be used on all skin types. (I don’t understand why they mentioned same thing three times)
Directions for use: apply SunBan lotion on face, neck & other exposed parts of body before going out. Avoid contact with eye area. For external use only.

My take on Nature’s Essence Sun Ban 30 Sunscreen Lotion

Well, I didn’t have much hope from this product. But it didn’t disappoint me overall. The product comes in tube packaging with a nozzle a top. It’s a tinted lotion but it doesn’t interfere with any kind of makeup applied to the skin. Texture is creamy & glides easily without leaving oily or sticky feeling. It doesn’t leave any white cast on skin like most sunscreens do. The fragrance is herbal but I cannot define it except my sensitive nose can bear it. I don’t like it much. Coming to what it does to my skin. I use this lotion daily on my arms & feet. And yes I’m very much satisfied with this lotion. One day I was feeling lazy so I applied this & moved out. It absorbed pretty well & I skipped moisturizer after that. I didn’t find any break outs. I’ve oily skin. After a few hours when I splashed plain water on my face, it had a nice glow :haanji: Even my mom asked me what I had done which she never ever does!!! Actually my mom always ignores my inclination towards makeup & beauty products. I don’t like this attitude of my mumma.
product look
After this chamatkaar, whenever I’m running out of time, I apply this lotion on my face & go out. The same thing happens every time but now I’m used to the glow it imparts. :preen: :toothgrin:

My thumbs-up for Nature’s Essence Sun Ban 30 Sunscreen Lotion

:yes: herbal product
:yes: user-friendly packaging
:yes: not pricey, lasts for 2 ½ to 3 months
:yes: different SPF variants available
:yes: doesn’t leaves any white cast
:yes: non-oily, light & absorbs quickly
:yes: no break outs :yahoo:
:yes: It made me glow :happydance:
herbal look

My thumbs-down for Nature’s Essence Sun Ban 30 Sunscreen Lotion

:no: fragrance I don’t like it.
:no: availability is confined to outlets having its franchise
:no: complete ingredient list is not there only active ingredients are mentioned
:no: it is not a sun block so no UV-A protection

Should I re-purchase :announce: Yeah, it’s a good product for using on a body as sun blocks are comparatively costlier than sun screens. And being a college student I need to manage my expenses on a cosmetic product wisely because my mumma doesn’t support much of my cosmetic purchases.

Recommendations yes :waytogo:

IMBB rating 3.5/5

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10 thoughts on “Nature’s Essence Sun Ban 30 Sunscreen Lotion Review

  1. Woww keirti! Nice review :thanks: seems like a good product 🙂 even i hav oily skin n i always skip using sunscreen/sunblock as they make my skin oily and leave whitish cast which i hate :pan: as you said it suits oily skin, i’ll definitly look out for this 🙂 btw, i have not seen many products from nature’s essence in bangalore 🙁 hope i’ll find this 🙂

  2. thanku beauties :-* :-* :-*
    CJ alive par i saw advertisement of cosmetic range from same brand… maybe wo provide krte ho shipping of this product all over india pr m not sure :-/

  3. I hac scrub of nature’s essence……ITs super good :thumbsup: good review anyways…..Sun screen that make us glow?Wanna try this too……. 😉 😉

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