Lakme Sunexpert Fairness Body Sunscreen Lotion Review

Lakme Sunexpert Fairness Body Lotion Review

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Advent of summers announces the need of a good sunscreen. We all want a product that could save us from the harsh summer sun. This season my quest for a good sunscreen for my body, ended at a product that not only fights sun but also promises to reveal fair and even skin tone. Today I am going to review Lakme Sunexpert Fairness Body Sunscreen Lotion.

I have picked up this product around 2 months ago and have been using it on my arms & feet regularly before stepping out in the sun. Generally I used to apply the same sunscreen on my body that I was using on my face as I never gave a thought about a separate product for body. I went to the store looking out for a body lotion and found Lakme Sunexpert Fairness Body Lotion on display with SPF 24 and PA ++ .The idea of a body lotion with SPF 24 and PA ++ appeared to be too promising. So I picked up the body lotion and here is the review.


lakme sunexpert fairness body sunscreen lotion

Product:Body Lotion
Brand: Lakme
Variant: Lakme Sunexpert Fairness Body Lotion SPF 24 and PA ++ with Aloe Vera & Orange Flower

Price: Rs.225/-

Quantity: 200 ml

Skin Type: All skin types



What the product claims:

Lakme Sunexpert Fairness Body Sunscreen Lotion SPF 24 and PA ++ is designed to provide broad spectrum UV protection while giving your skin the moisture it needs. While SPF 24 majorly blocks UVB rays that cause sun burns, PA++ provides protection from the harmful UVA rays that cause dark spots, premature ageing and skin darkening.

The daily moisturising Body sunscreen is formulated with Aloe Vera and Orange Flower

Extracts that fights sun tan and discolouration helping reveal fair and even skin tone.

My experience with the product:

I went to the store to buy a body lotion and bought this because it claims to be a body lotion with sunscreen. I also wanted a separate sunscreen for my arms and fetes. So this was really promising as it was serving two of my aims.

First Impression:

In Spencer this newly launched range was displayed separately in a shelf counter . Due to its all orange product’s looked really nice. As there are many variants it was good to study the label of all of these. But I was considering them as sunscreen and least expected a body lotion and when I did I was really happy.

• The colour of the bottle is yellow-orange, which is the norm for sunscreens but the bottle on the whole looks attractive.
• SPF 24 and PA ++ is the star attraction as it provides both UV and UVA protection.
• It is for Rs.225/- which is ok considering it’s a two-in-one product.

During Application:

• The bottle has flip open cap at the top. When you will try to take out some product you have to press the bottle a little because the consistency is thick. This traps air in the bottle and as a result suddenly you will have more than required quantity or nothing at all.

• The consistency is thick and sticky which is overwhelming when you are using it as a body lotion. It does not give a nourishing & soft feeling rather it feels like it is layering your skin.

• Even after being thick it has great absorbing power, it quickly gets into your skin.
• It does make skin shiny & sticky.
• I love its fragrance, which is not mild and not over the top – it’s just perfect for me.


Post Application:
• The shiny- sticky feeling last for at least an hour.
• Aggravates sweat.

Long Term Effects:
• Helps to protect the skin from sun damage. Reduces sun tanning considerably.
• The claim of the product that it helps reveal fairer and more even skin doesn’t hold true as I didn’t find that it was making my skin fair or reducing the tanning on already tanned areas.

Pros of Lakme Sunexpert Fairness Body Lotion:
• Provides UV and UVA protection.
• Works as a sunscreen and a body lotion.
• Helps to reduce sun tanning.
• Quick absorbing.
• Nice fragrance.
• Economical also because it delivers two benefits in one product i.e. body lotion and sunscreen.

Cons of Lakme Sunexpert Fairness Body Lotion:
• Contains Paraben- Propylparaben & Methylparaben.
• Is not great as a body lotion. Does not provide enough moisture to the skin.
• Gives a shiny and sticky feel almost like an invisible layer.
• Gets you more sweat after application.
• Does not reveal fair skin as claimed.

2.5/ 5

Buy it if you want a sunscreen i.e. if you want sun protection not as a body lotion. If will not let you body become dark, but would also not make it fair. If you sweat too much or just hate the sticky feel: stay away from it.

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25 thoughts on “Lakme Sunexpert Fairness Body Sunscreen Lotion Review

  1. I’m always disappointed by Lakme sunsceens..even that pen-shaped spf 30 is very sticky and makes your skin shiny. :nonono:

    The new Vaseline body lotion is also has SPF 24. 🙂 And PA+.

    1. that the exact piece of information i was lookin for!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
      Thanks Akshatha, I will buy Vaseline wala… :))

  2. Lakme sunscreens have a horrific habit of leaving a whitish cast on the face. And if you sweat, you look like you’re shedding a white layer of skin. :yikes: For the body, I stick to Biotique SPF50 sunblock. It has prevented the tanning of my arms and legs this summer. :toothygrin: And yeah, that Vaseline Healthy White lotion with SPF is pretty good too.

  3. You have reviewed the product so well, I loved your way of writing, got to learn from you ! :thumbsup: The way you write, you must have been getting good marks in your school days :)) Bad that its not very moisturising ! 🙁

    1. Thank You so much Taps :thanks: :thanks: You made my day!!!! Are i am just liked it n this has made me real happy. :)) 🙂 🙂

  4. I’m staying away from this..the Mumbai humidity is enough to make me sweat 😐 I do like the mild fragrance of this range though 😀 Nice review!

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