The Nature’s Co. Mango Sun Protecting Lip Butter Review

The Nature’s Co. Mango Sun Protecting Lip Butter

Hello girls,
I love winters and I am sure many of you love it too, the festivals, weddings, gajar ka halwa and hot tea inside blanket is something you will get in these few month of the year only. But winter brings some problems too, like dry skin, dandruff and chapped lips. But we have IMBB here to give us solution to tackle all the problems, right? Okey enough of my dialogbaji, and let’s get back to business. Today I am reviewing lip butter for you all which comes from the nature’s Co. I must confess here that the nature’s Co. is one of those brands which I can to know about through IMBB. And recently I found their store in Bangalore and then I did which any girl loves to do; I did my very first haul from the nature’s Co. This mango sun protecting lip butter is part of that same haul; let’s see how it is working for me.
the natures co. mango sun protecting lip butter

Price: 275Rs/- for 16ml
What Product claims: Get delicious, soft and luscious lips with goodness of Mango and Shea butter. It moisturizes and softens as well as protects it from harmful UV radiation. Apply directly to your lips, as often as required.

description and ingredients

My Experience with The Nature’s Co. Mango Sun Protecting Lip Butter

When I went to the store the SA there told me first about their winter arrivals and this lip butter was one of them. I don’t have chapped lips as I have the habit of applying lip balms as and when I can. But my husband has dry lips which gets drier in winters so the word lip butter sounded very tempting to me. And when I started swatching them I was sold to the mango smell of this lip butter. It smells so delicious that I feel like eating it, it smells exactly like the mango bite candies we used to get during childhood. And then amoung all the other lip butter variants this was the only one which had UV protection (no SPF mentioned on tube though), as this one is from their starrize range so I bought this one.
product tube
I always prefer tubes over tubs for the ease of use and the hygiene factor, this was also one of the reason I liked it. When applied on lips it leaves a yellowish shine on lip which vanishes after sometime. It smells and tastes wonderful, just like mangoes. And lips do feel soft till the lip balm is on them. But as the lip balm is gone your lips are back to normal, I don’t know if it gets absorbed in skin or not. It stays on lips for just 1 and half hours max without eating or drinking, till then lips will feel soft but once it’s gone lips feel dry again and you have to reapply it.
As Mr. Husband did not want to go out with shiny lips, he agreed to use it every night before going to bed. But this lip butter did nothing for him. His experience was same as mine, lips where soft only till the lip butter was there on lips after that if was dry again.

I have used better lip balms which costs less than this one. After spending nearly double the price of other lip balms I was expecting a lot from this lip butter but it failed miserably.
I can’t comment about its sun protection claim as I don’t go in sun that much. I wore it underneath lipsticks and it did decent job there.

In whole I loved the smell and packing but it failed to moisturize my lips as I wanted from a lip butter.

Pros of The Nature’s Co. Mango lip butter:

• Smells and tastes like mango, very yummy.
• Tube packing, hygienic and easy to use.
• Gives nice shine to lips when applied.
• Can be worn under lipsticks.
• Has UV protection.

Cons of The Nature’s Co. Mango lip butter:

• Does not moisturize lips like a lip butter should do.
• Pricy.
• SPF value not mentioned.
• Bad staying power.

Final Verdict on The Nature’s Co. Mango Sun Protecting Lip Butter
Smells wonderful but does not work as good as expected from a lip butter at this price. buy it only if you are a diehard mango fan, otherwise please ditch it.

IMBB Rating: 2/5

Will I repurchase The Nature’s Co. Mango lip butter: No!

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  1. I dig mango….but the cost is too much for a lip butter eh? I have a pot of lip balm from Natures co, Chocolate and mint and its OK…nothing too moisturising but lovely fragrance as you say with this one. Thanks for the review!

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