Khadi Mango Cleansing Gel – Review

Khadi Mango Cleansing Gel


Does the title of the post seem tempting enough which made you open this to read?Most of us love mango.Whenever I see a beauty or bath product with the name mango on it,I try it which made me go for my favourite mango pie lip balm too..whenever I am not in good mood,shopping cures me(Most of us,Right??!).This is one of the products which I got for myself during an impulsive online shopping.I had mistaken it to be a shower gel and that too in mango flavour and had got it.So,was this a good or bad mistake?Read on my review to know more about this product.

Khadi Mango Cleansing Gel

Product Description:

An ayurvedic fruit based gel which is used for deep cleansing and make skin healthy.It helps to remove scars from the skin surface.

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How to use:

Rub the gel on face gently with finger tips in circular motion for 5-6mins and clean the face with cotton.


Rs. 130/210ml


(in each gram contains) aloevera tourn 30mg,syzygium aromaticum 5mg,curcuma longa 20mg,mangifera indica 50mg,acacia arabica 100mg,preservative 5mg,purified water to make each gram.

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My Experience with Khadi Mango Cleansing Gel:

The package is the typical khadi flip-top packaging and it is difficult to get the product out of the bottle. At least,they could have provided it in a tub.I thought if the product is good,this would not be an issue.So,I decided to try it.

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The gel is so good looking and yummy.I imagined it to smell like Maaza and sniffed it.Yuck..It was disgusting.It didnt smell like mango.,but I really wished it smelt good.The smell is not fruity at all,it is like a cheap smelling chemical soap.I am unable to describe its bad smell.

I tried removing the makeup with this cleansing gel and it was a tough job.It took me so much time to rub and I was struggling a lot to remove.It claims to remove scars!! What a claim…This would have been selling like hot cakes if it did so.This does nothing to my skin.I dont want to use it anymore due to its smell.

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Do you still need the pros and cons?? Ok.

Pros of Khadi Mango Cleansing Gel:

1.Gel looks yummy(but,dont dare to smell it!)

Cons of Khadi Mango Cleansing Gel:

1.Smells too bad.
2.Tall claims like removing scars.
3.Such a struggle to cleanse.
4.Artificial ingredients(I cant smell it.)
5.Does nothing good..

Khadi Mango Cleansing Gel swatch

IMBB Rating:

I dont even want to rate this thing.

Will I recommend Khadi Mango Cleansing Gel to others?

No way.Not even to anybody on this earth!!

Will I repurchase Khadi Mango Cleansing Gel?

No.I dont repeat the same mistakes again!(lot of new to do)

Khadi does make good products,but this one is a must-skip product!

Gals,can you tell me other ways to end this product??I would be so happy to hear from all of you.
Thanks a lot for reading my review.


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19 thoughts on “Khadi Mango Cleansing Gel – Review

  1. O my god..Soundarya.. I was eyeing this one and was planning to pick it up.. the name tempted me enough.. ( i love mangoes.. 😛 ) thanks for the review..I’ll stay away..

    1. ya jomo,its sooo good looking..even ma scolded a lot after smelling it:( lot of advises after dat to use homemade stuff:(

  2. oh thank god I didnt buy it. I have had great success with the Khadi rose toner and the scrub and might have wanted to try this at some point. cant think of any way where you could use it since the smell is not the greatest.

  3. I was laughing too reading abt the Pros n cons part…it was so funny..tnks for sure no ones gonna buy this after reading ur review Soundarya 🙂

  4. aww…. u cn try using it in pedicure or manicure. wtevr products dn suit me i use dem in hand n foot care only :p

  5. omg.. the title ws so yummy that i ws abt to get it even widout reading below.. 😛 thanx to god i read ur post.. 🙂

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