Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser & Deep Clean Foaming Pads Review

Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser & Deep Clean Foaming Pads Review

I have wanted to try battery powered cleansers like the Clarisonic since ages, unfortunately we don’t get it here in Dubai. One fine day while shopping for groceries my eyes just caught this bright pink thing which had a big new tag written on it under the Neutrogena section from far away. I rushed so fast to get it thinking all the people of the store would end up emptying the shelf 😛 I’m not sure if this is introduced in India yet.

What does Neutrogena say about this product?

‘The first of its kind , the Neutrogena WAVE Original power cleanser is still shaking up the cleansing world with its gentle vibrations.

  • Guaranteed to leave skin softer and smoother after just 1 use.
  • Cleans 10x deeper than traditional cleansers to remove more oil, dirt, and makeup.
  • It’s so gentle you can use it daily. Dermatologist Tested.
Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser
Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser

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Price:– I got it for Dhs.52 ie around Rs.660

The pack includes a Power Cleanser, Attachment Head, 14 pads for trial (each 1.57 in or 40 mm) & 1-AA Duracell Battery


Made in:- Power cleanser made in China, foaming pads made in USA.

Comes in the following colors:- Pink, Green & Blue. But pink is more widely available.

How to use it?
1)Attach a disposable pad to the attachment head.


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2) Hold the power cleanser under running water to activate cleansing pad.


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3) Turn on by pressing power button and gently massage over face avoiding eye area.


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My Experience with this Product

I basically got it because I feel battery powered cleansers penetrate deep into the skin to remove dirt & oil much better than the non battery powered ones. This revolutionary new power cleanser by Neutrogena serves the purpose just right. No wonder this product was causing such a buzz !! More than me my mom seemed more excited to try out this cleanser. The best part about this product is that you can share & use this product with other members of your family as you don’t use it directly from the attachment head. You have to attach the deep clean foaming pads to the attachment head and then use it & since the foaming pads are used only once you can throw it and then wash the attachment head or in fact the whole cleanser with water. Therefore, this ends up justifying the price.


  • It looks so cute & it’s pink !!!! I’m a sucker for anything pink in color 😀
  • My face becomes super clean & smooth after using it. I have a dry skin with oily t-zone area but after using this on my face, my skin neither gets dry nor oily. It just feels perfect 😀
  • The original deep clean foaming pads that come along with this pack has an amazing scent.
  • It penetrates deep into the pores removing dirt, oil & makeup. You will find more dirt coming off using this than with normal cleansers.
  • It’s water resistant so you can use it in shower as well don’t have to worry about dropping it in a sink full of water !!
  • As mentioned before can be used along with other members of your family without any hygiene issue.
  • Exfoliates superbly !! Not only is this product successful in removing oil & dirt but you can literally feel it removing your dead skin cells.
  • Targeting different skin problems, they have started a different range of cleansing pads like blackhead eliminating pads, shine-free-blemish-free pads, deep clean exfoliating pads etc.
Neutrogena Cleansing Pads
Neutrogena Cleansing Pads

Cons of Deep Clean Foaming Pads

  • The pads don’t lather easily creating very mild foam. However, if you let the water run over the cleansing pad for almost 2-3 mins it will activate the cleansing ingredients entirely foaming better.
  • Considering the usage of refills every time the cleansing pads get over, I think this product is expensive to maintain.
  • The cotton of the cleansing pad gets stuck to the bristles of the attachment head which is a pain to remove.
  • Personally I don’t think its gentle enough to use daily as I have a very sensitive skin. That’s why I mostly use it only once a week.
  • Surprisingly, there is no mention of how long we are supposed to use it for. Being a first time user of such a product I have no idea how long to use it for so I end up using it for around 3-4 mins.

Would I repurchase ?
I don’t feel the need to repurchase the cleanser in itself since it’s a durable product however will try out different range of cleansing pads to go along with my wave.

My Rating:- :star: :star: :star: + 0.5

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27 thoughts on “Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser & Deep Clean Foaming Pads Review

    1. i have this one as my sis got it for me
      i just like the fact that it vibrates and may be tightening skin
      otherwise nothing great
      and no point as now i cant find the pads in india

    1. i think they will introduce it in india soon enough. its a hit everywhere else. u know now they have even introduced neutrogena wave sonic cleanser which claims to be 5 times better than this !! imagine how powerful would that be :-/
      we do get neutrogena makeup though veryyy limited stocks. i saw the concealer kit once. was tempted to buy but wasn’t sure if it would be any good.
      .-= Insiya´s last blog ..Tip of the Day – Get Rid of Oily Pores =-.

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