Nivea Intense Care and Repair Conditioner Review

Hair type: Wavy texture; dry ends, prone to split ends; oily scalp

Hello IMBBians,
It’s been quite some time since I bought this conditioner. So read on to know more about it.
Nivea Intense Care and Repair Conditioner

NIVEA Intense Care & Repair Conditioner with Protein conditions the hair intensively and restores your hair from within.

• Restores hair structure, and reduces hair breakage and split ends
• Restores shine and let you feel her supple
• Nourishes your hair gently
• Skin compatibility dermatologically tested

The formula with Nutri-essences creates beautiful and visibly healthy hair falling smoothly.

€3.59 for 200ml


My Experience with Nivea Intense Care and Repair Conditioner:

Nivea has come up with a very good hair care range. I was using Nivea Repair and Targeted Care Conditioner earlier. It was really good but it would smoothen my hair a lot and make it look limp. Thus, I bought this ‘Care and Repair’ one. I have an oily scalp and dry ends and thus, the ends of my hair need intense nourishment.


The bottle looks common and is similar to all the other products of the range. It is light navy blue with a dark blue flip cap. The packaging is good and there is no leakage. The packaging is sturdy. The shampoo is thick, foamy, creamy and white in color. It has a pleasant fragrance. A little product is more than enough. The conditioner spreads evenly and provides good nourishment to the hair. There is no much difference during the shower but after you dry your hair, you can clearly feel that the hair is softer, smoother and easily manageable.


The conditioner has silicone in it. So it masks the hair strands while protecting them, and due to which the split ends are also supposed to ‘glue up’. I am seeing light results and hope to see more soon. The conditioner does a very good job in making the hair shinier, smoother and softer. I apply it to my hair ends and I am seeing really huge differences. The hair ends don’t dry out and look healthy and hydrated. My hair looks lot shinier than before and looks like it’s effectively moisturized.


The good thing about the conditioner is that it does make the hair soft and supple but not unnatural. It keeps the natural hair texture and the locks soft. But, if you braid your hair or tie up your hair in a bun, be ready to re-do several times as they keep falling off. Even though it has several benefits, the results are only temporary and no long-term results can be seen. The silicones coat and protect the hair, but if you discontinue using the product, the hair goes back to its dull texture. So, summing up:

Pros of Nivea Intense Care and Repair Conditioner:

• Makes hair smoother and more manageable.
• Silicones protect the hair strands.
• Repairs split ends.
• Doesn’t make hair limp.
• Repairs and hydrates the dry ends.

Cons of Nivea Intense Care and Repair Conditioner:

• Temporary results.
• Not suitable for normal hair type.
• Availability.

Will I Repurchase Nivea Intense Care and Repair Conditioner?
I love the product for my ends but need a better one for the scalp too. So, I am not sure.

IMBB Rating:

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