NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder: All Over Bronze Glow Review

NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder: All Over Bronze Glow Review

Hello beautiful ladies,

Hope all of you are doing great and enjoying IMBB. Lately, I am obsessed with NYX and so my last few articles were only about NYX, but now, I have decided that I will forget NYX for some time and give my attention to some other brands. This time, I will be talking about a face powder from NYC.  The product is called Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder.  I have two of these – one in Pink Cheek Glow and the other one in All Over Bronze Glow.  I have already reviewed Pink Cheek Glow, which is completely different from All Over Bronze Glow.


Product Quantity:

9 gm.


$4.99 in USA, this product was not available in India earlier, but a few days back, I saw it on a website where it was priced at INR 530, which was then reduced to INR 410.

NYC Mosaic Face Powder 2


Packaging of the product is not very attractive; it’s a very ordinary packaging with a black bottom that contains the product and a transparent lid. But one thing I would like to mention about the packaging is that although it’s very simple, it’s sturdy. The lid is made of thick plastic which is easy to carry without the fear of breaking it (I can say this by personal experience. I have already dropped the lid twice and there is not even a single crack on the lid).

NYC Mosaic Face Powder 3

Key Ingredients:

  • A blend of micronized pigments and silica for smooth application.
  • Kaolin to minimize pores and lines.
  • Natural mineral powders.

NYC Mosaic Face Powder 4

Product Description:

Add a dash of color to your day with NYC New York Color – Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder.  This ultra sheer soft pressed powder is made up of four harmonizing hues. The kaleidoscope of shades blend to create a perfect single shade that balances and enhances all skin undertones.

NYC Mosaic Face Powder 5

Tips and Tricks:

Sweep brush over powder and smooth over forehead, cheeks, chin and jaw line.

NYC Mosaic Face Powder 6

My Take on NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder: All Over Bronze Glow:

As the name of the product suggests, it’s kind of a bronzer, but it actually can be used as a face powder as the pigmentation is not too high. I brought this color as I had no bronzer in my collection and I wanted one. This is not a perfect bronzer for contouring, but I like the look it gives to my face. The look of the product gives proper justice to the name; the powder comes in a mosaic pattern with 3 different colors. The lightest shade is a creamish color that can also be used as a highlighter whereas the darkest shade is a dark brown. The three colors can either be used individually or they can be mixed together to get a beautiful glow.

NYC Mosaic Face Powder 7

The product does not stay for a very long time and is not very pigmented, but I am satisfied with the quantity I got for not so high price.

NYC Mosaic Face Powder 8

Pros of NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder: All Over Bronze Glow

  • Nice quality.
  • Gives a beautiful glow on the face.
  • Sturdy lid.
  • Good quantity.

Cons of NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder: All Over Bronze Glow

  • Not so good pigmentation.
  • Little costly in India.
  • Staying power is not much.

Would I Repurchase NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder: All Over Bronze Glow?

No, I will not buy this product again, neither this color nor any other color from this line. Two colors are enough for me.

Do I Recommend NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder: All Over Bronze Glow?

If you are lucky enough to grab it from the US, then it can be tried, but according to me, in India it’s costly for the pigmentation it gives, try some other bronzer instead.

IMBB Rating:


It’s an average kind of a product for me. I don’t regret buying it nor I would like to buy it again.

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7 thoughts on “NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder: All Over Bronze Glow Review

    1. thanks abinaya….even i am in search of a good bronzer that is available in India…there are not many bronzers in india and i haven’t heard very good reviews about any of them…if you wish to buy this, its available on one of the sites for INR 410….but as i mentioned this is not very pigmented…

    1. thanks jomol…even i was not a big fan of bronzers, infact this is my first bronzer ever and after using this i am thinking of trying out some others 🙂

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