Oriflame Wild West Couture Eye Pencil Review

Oriflame beauty Wild West couture eye pencil

Hello my darling beauties at IMBB. Hope you all are enjoying life to its fullest with our common passion makeup. This is my third review in IMBB and I am proud to be part of it. IMBB has been such an informative resource for makeup and looks. After my articles were published on IMBB, my husband has started taking an interest in makeup.
Today, I am going to review Oriflame beauty Wild West couture eye pencil, which was part of my earlier haul article.

I was on the lookout for a brown eye pencil for some time and saw this chestnut brown eye pencil in Oriflame’s April catalogue. This eye pencil was a part of oriflame Wild West collection, which included an eye shadow trio and a lipstick. All the three products were on discount.

 wild west
wild west

This eye pencil was originally priced at INR 249 but at discount it was for INR 198 and I got it at discount for 160 INR , Net weight: 0.3 g. Ingredient list is not mentioned on the pencil and I could not find it on their website or catalogue.


My experience with the eye pencil: The texture of this eye pencil is just lovely. It glides on your eyelids like a dream with out stretching the delicate skin of the eyes. I did try it once on the waterline and it stings like red chilies in your eye. So, I guess it is not recommend it for the waterline (which is not mentioned anywhere in the catalogue or on the website).
This is a retractable eye pencil with a lovely chestnut brown colour (which I wanted).

Left is one swipe of the pencil, right is with three swipes of the pencil


You can see the colour pay off is very good with single swipe only. Despite having such a nice colour payoff, the colour begins to fade from my lids in an hour (when used without a primer). When used on top a primer the colour fades in two hours. This was the first eye pencil which fades from my eyes in such short duration. I have used all the lakme glide on eye pencils, the shimmer sticks, and they do not fade from my eyes for a good 6-7 hours (with a primer). This was the only eye pencil which I had to keep applying throughout the day. The colour does not transfer to your crease area, it just begins to fade. This is sad, because the color and the texture of the eye pencil were so lovely, that I wanted it to last longer on my eyelids. But alas, this was not to happen.

Pros of the Oriflame beauty Wild West couture eye pencil:

• Lovely creamy texture
• Good colour payoff
• Retractable

Cons of Oriflame beauty Wild West couture eye pencil:

• Stings on the waterline horribly
• Staying power is not up to the mark
• Price is high (if purchased without an offer)
• Ingredient list not mentioned
• Though the eye pencil is retractable, it does not have a sharp point and therefore one cannot draw thin lines with it
• Availability (can purchase it through an oriflamme consultant only)

Overall an average eye pencil. I would give   .5 (-2.5 for the non-existent staying power on my lids, price, and availability). Currently I am trying to finish up this eye pencil, and use it to define my eyebrows as well. I will not recommend anyone to buy this eye pencil.

Would I repurchase this : Never, will have to checkout some other brands for a brown eye pencil.

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28 thoughts on “Oriflame Wild West Couture Eye Pencil Review

  1. Jomollllllllllllllllll where are you :clap: this review is waiting for you :announce: bad oriflame product :secret2:

      1. yeah sim, i was surprised myself. usually i don’t go wrong with oriflame products, but htis did not hit the mark.

  2. Wowww what a beautiful shade, but its looking as a lip liner, 😀 I love the swatches, you got this at a very cheap price. :thumbsup:

  3. if you dont mind me asking, how does one take care of retractable pencils incase it breaks? :shame: feel quite foolish to ask especially since I already have an existing kajal like that.

  4. sorry aruna, I cannot help with this, never faced such a problem. Me curious about this now that you asked. Let’s ask Rati for some help ?:)

  5. Kumkum, even my husband takes an interest now :). He takes most of my pics, he says Im a lousy photographer. The liner looks very pigmented, pity it doesnt last!

  6. Aww dont worry, theres an amazing brown pencil from Chambor, the eye tattoo one, its intense colour-wise and stays on all day till you make the effort to wipe it off that too only with a make-up remover 🙂

  7. try the faces brown eyeliner pencil kumkum :thumbsup: … i’m also gonna buy tht 1 soooonnnnn… :jog: :jog: :jog: :jog: :jog: :jog: :jog:

  8. Nice review Kumkum 🙂 I was quite tempted by this too but didn’t get it cos I have 2 brown pencils already. Check out Colorbar I-glide or Faces..both brands eye pencils are great!!

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