Outfit of the Day: White Sweatshirt and Green Pants

Outfit of the Day: White Sweatshirt and Green Pants

Hi Beauties!

I am sure you all know that certain feeling when you do something for the first time, something you feel like doing for the longest time. Oh well, I have that feeling of excitement as I do something new, my very first OOTD post!


I would describe myself as someone who loves comfort and style at the same time. I think I am receptive to different fashion styles, from conservative, to vintage-y, to very feminine to that of girl-next-door and so on.  In this post, I would like to share the casual, comfort wearer me on a day that I went to the park to take a stroll with my parents and sister together with my husband and son.

White Sweat Shirt

I know I will have some playtime with my son at the park’s playground, so I chose to wear a very comfortable cotton sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are very popular knit garment made to cover the whole length of arms. It is cold where I live and I easily get cold, so sweatshirts are a staple in my closet. The fabric of what I was wearing is a bit thin, perfect for a day when it warmer. I wear it next to skin in the middle of the day, but in the late afternoon, I wear a white sleeveless shirt underneath to keep me warm. I love white top as it looks clean and fresh.


While a sweatshirt looks simple and plain, a nice lightweight scarf can add life to it. This little piece of garment really makes a huge difference in my whole look. My scarf was given to me by a friend who went on an Asian tour last year. I do not know the scarf’s brand, but it says it is “Made in India.” I love adding this to my entire outfit since it has a neutral color and has orange print on it, which adds a pop of color to the scarf. =)


White sweatshirt is very versatile as you can pair it with any color of pants you like.  I have been a “blue jeans wearer” all my life and recently, I have been very interested in wearing colored pants from crayola colored, bright to subdued colored skinny jeans. I paired subdued green colored pants with my simple white sweatshirt to step out from my usual.


I chose to wear a pair of brown earrings to enliven my face. I also used a peach vinyl ribbon to tie my hair since it is really windy at the park in the afternoon. I wore my aviator shades when the sun was all up.  I do not wear accessories since I like the entire feel to be easy going. My scarf served as a cool neck piece.


I wore a brown sling bag and very lightweight, very comfortable checkered flats to make the look simple yet, not plain at all. My shoes are from Toms. It is a company which donates a pair of shoes to needy children every time you buy a pair from them.


On my face, I used a Nivea face sun block to protect my face from the sun and used a very lightweight cream foundation from CoverGirl that supposedly lasts longer than the powder foundations I have. I don’t want re-touching at the park on such an active day. I dusted a peach mineral blush from Maybelline. I neatly lined my eyes lightly with brown cream eyeliner from 4U2, as US brand of makeup. On lips, I first wore NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp which is a peachy lip color. I forgot to bring it for touch up, so I ended up using Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Sweetheart in the afternoon. I just wore it lightly for that pinkish lips.


There, with the outfit I wore this day at the park, I had so much fun taking photos with my family and running around, playing with my son. Yup, comfort and style can always meet! =)

Outfit Details:

  • Sweatshirt: OP.
  • Sando: (underneath sweatshirt) Dorothy Perkins.
  • Pants: The Lab.
  • Scarf: A gift from a friend who went on Asian tour. There was a tag attached to the scarf that says it is “Made in India.” =)
  • Shoes: Toms
  • Bag: Unbranded, gift from a friend too.
  • Shade: Pepe Jeans.
  • Hair and Ear Accessories: SM Accessories.

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44 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: White Sweatshirt and Green Pants

  1. My my Val! You have a son! You look like a teenager yourself 😀
    Loved your outfit and those skinny pants are looking so amazing on you! Will look forward to more OOTDs from you.

    1. Hi Aarbee, yeah I have a 3 year old kiddo. =) I am 30 now. Hihihi. =)
      Thanks much and much for appreciating my style. =)

  2. Lovely OOTD and lovely you Valarie….
    tell me what you do to look so yound and fresh… can’t belive you have a son 😀
    shere your skin care here please

    1. Hi Sweta, I am sincerely grateful for your lovely words. =)
      I’m a mom to a 3 year old boy. =) I do have very simple skin care regimen, i opt in using all-gentle skin care product to cleanse, tone and moisturize. I’ll share soon. =) Thanks a lot.

  3. loved the look! u have a son!??? 😮 you look like a teenager! i am reminded of those Santoor soaps ads where a kid used to come running towards the model and say “mummy, main class mein frst ayi!” and others used to be stunned thinking “mummy?? ” haha 😉 way to go girl! <3

    1. Thanks Aparajita. I’m a mom who always run after a 3 year old super active boy. =D
      I feel happy hearing those. =) Sweet of you. Thanks much!

  4. you looking so pretty….i second Aparajita, i cud nt believe when you said you have a son, you look lyk a teenager….share your secrets on IMBB 🙂

    1. Awww, thanks Rashmita. =D I’m 30 already with a 3 year old son. Sure, I’ll share my skin care soon. It’s so simple. I think that above skin care, looking young has to do with thinking like you are young. =) Million thanks to you. =)

  5. u luking lik a pretty doll….:) u hav a kid!!!? then,its time for you share your beauty and fitness routine to us:)

    1. HI Soundarya, i’m delighted to hear that from you. I do have simple routine, I am glad you’d lke to hear from me. I’ll share soon. =) Thanks sooooo much.

  6. aww vall.. beautiful and youthful.. 🙂 pls share recret of ur youthful skin.. 😛 No one cud make a guess even in dreams that u are a mum gosh.. u luk absolutely stunning and so young like a college gal.. god bless!!
    loved ur pics truely!!

    1. Awwww…feels good to hear lovely words this morning. Thanks so much Neetu. I will share on my next posts my skin care regimen. =)

  7. Omigosh.. 😯 I can’t believe you are a mother.. I thought you were a college goer.. spill the beans.. all of us would love to know how you’ve stopped ageing.. 😉

  8. =) I am. =) Thanks Esha. I will include on my next post my routine. I am happy to know you’d love to hear from me. =) Have a nice day Esha! =)

  9. my reaction is same as others OMG!!!!! u look like a teenager, i love ur face and skin in ur previous fotd but i am in kinda shock when i saw ur ootd… pls do share ur skin care and fitness routine.. whr do u put up?

    1. Hi Neha, thanks so so so much for that. =) I will share soon what I usually do for my skin and the exercise routine I do. I am from Philippines. =)

  10. yea i agree … me too shocked ur a mother…just cant believe it…ur outfit was super cool..and u look so lively n comfy in it..shd mention here u hav a glowing skin too..beautiful Val.

    1. thanks so much melissa. =) i believe that one can really carry herself better in clothes she’s comfortable with. =) aww, thanks tons and tons. =)

    1. Thank you so much Rati. Ive been browsing your OOTD since I came across IMBB. I love each and every one of them. Hearing from you, I felt joy. =) I love that shoes a lot too, very lightweight, comfy and i’d say stylish too. =)

  11. wow 30.. but you look so young.. i envy you that u have flat belly..
    you look awesome in that simple dress and Cute earring Val. Please post your daily regimen also.

    1. thanks remya. =) i really aimed to lose weight after giving birth 3 years ago, I have to fit in my company uniform at that time. =) thank you for your compliments, boosts confidence a lot. I will post my regimen soon. =)

  12. After reading the comments..I seriously checked your pictures again 😮 you no possible way look mom of a 3 year old 😮 You should do santoor ad sacchi 😛

    Loved your comfy chic look..the scarf adds the coolness to the look and your shoes are so awesome..keeping up with the black&white trend 😉 🙂

    1. Aww.. thanks Ankita! I am glad to read your comment for really I admire your style. Thank you sooooooo much! =)

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