Palladio Eye Shadow Quads ESQ05- Love Struck Review


Product Description:
Enhance and intensify your eyes with six beautiful and highly-pigmented Eye shadow Quads. Each color combination has been customized by a team of Makeup Artists, to suit both the sophisticated and ostentatious makeup lovers. Compacts come in an array of matte and shimmery shades that can be used year-round. (Dual, sponge-tip applicator included.)




Price: Rs 550/- , got it at GOSF for 220/-.

My Experience with Palladio Eye Shadow Quads ESQ05- LOVESTRUCK:

This eye shadow quad comes in an array of matte and shimmery shades. The white and copper are shimmery while the light pink and grey are matte. The brush is of higher quality and good though I misplaced it. I have used it only during some ceremonies and for not more than 3 hours. So for the number of hours it stayed, it did a decent job. By the time I got back home, I could hardly see anything on my eyes.


So I bought this because I saw the colours and just loved them and the price was super low. I love the rosy light pinks, the copper and the grays. But sadly when I tried it out it was nothing like what I expected. It still looks nice but it is barely pigmented. I had to use a ton and even then it barely showed up. The grey shade is highly pigmented and the copper is decently pigmented. The other two were barely visible. I used the white and pink to highlight, but had to keeping picking up the product number of times and even after that it wasn’t visible. I have oily lids and always apply a primer.



All the colours have a silky smooth texture. The colour payoff is good for two shades, so 50% is good and 50% is horrible. It doesn’t crease or fade. The formula is enriched with Jojoba oil; aloe, apricot and Shea butter which help keep the delicate areas around the eyes hydrated. The quad can be used all around the year. Not waterproof and hence easily comes off the eye while attempting to take it off.



The white shade is full of shimmers. By the time I left home, the highlighted part of my eyes had a lot of shimmer. It’s like using loose shimmers we used as kids for decorating our charts or projects. To make it look better I started blending and the colours weren’t blending very well. I ended up blending so much, trying to make it work that it all just turned into a kind of grey colour.

Pros of Palladio Eye Shadow Quads ESQ05- LOVESTRUCK:

• Copper shade is lovely.
• Packaging is sturdy and strong.
• Good quality brush.
• Nice mix of shades in the quad.
• Silky- Smooth texture.
• Herbal.

Cons of Palladio Eye Shadow Quads ESQ05- LOVESTRUCK:

• Bad pigmentation.
• Low staying power.
• Ton of product required to get a little colour.
• Chalky.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Palladio Eye Shadow Quads ESQ05- LOVESTRUCK?
No! It’s herbal and all that but if a product can’t even do a basic job, it’s not worth it.

IMBB Rating: 1/5

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