Panasonic EH5287 Hair Dryer Review

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Hello, everyone!

Today I am reviewing Panasonic EH5287 Hair Dryer. I have been using this dryer for quite some time now. Read on to find out how it worked for me.

Price: €35 (approximately INR 2500)
Product Description:
Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-5287 Dual Voltage
2-speed selection allows flexibility for drying and styling
Foldable handle for easy carry and storage
Automatic overheating protective device
Dual Voltage
– AC 110~120V / 800~1000W (*Outputs vary with the Voltage)

My Experience with Panasonic EH5287 Hair Dryer:

This Panasonic hair dryer is a travel sized one. I wanted to buy something small to use at home and to carry during my vacations. This hair dryer has 2 speed settings, which can be switched with a button. The noise level is quite high, going by the size of the dryer. I normally use it at the lower speed setting. You will find out the reason as you read this review further.

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The hair dryer is blue in colour. It has a long cable, which is sufficient enough to work with. One can also fold the handle to make the dryer fit into a small pouch. I have never folded it as I keep the dryer in between my clothes when I travel. The nozzle has a plastic cap which directs warm air in the desired direction in a controlled way. The air blown out is always warm. There is no option for cold air, which is another bummer. I prefer cold air blow as it does not cause much damage to hair and is eco-friendly.

The hairdryer is easy to hold and use. It is pretty lightweight, mainly due to the size. You do not get any diffuser with the dryer; a diffuser is very helpful especially if you have curly hair and also to keep frizz at bay. Now the worst part – whenever I use this product I can smell something burning. It was not the case for the initially few months. Then it started and I do not know what the problem is! I can smell some sort of smoke as soon as I start using the product. As I mentioned earlier, I use it only on the low-speed setting.

I assume the product gets overheated quickly. The product also has an in-built overheat protection system but I am scared to use it because of this smell. I am scared the dryer will emit sparks, which can be pretty dangerous. So, I have totally stopped using this. I have a normal sized dryer which I want to travel with now. I think the normal sized dryers are always better than these travel sized ones.

Pros of Panasonic EH5287 Hair Dryer:

• Foldable
• Small and lightweight
• Dual voltage

Cons of Panasonic EH5287 Hair Dryer:

• Only 2-speed selection available
• Only warm air option available (no cold air option)
• Noisy
• I can smell smoke as soon as I turn it on
• No diffuser

IMBB Rating: 1/5
Would I Repurchase Panasonic EH5287 Hair Dryer?
No. In fact, I will never buy a travel-sized hair dryer again.
Would I Recommend Panasonic EH5287 Hair Dryer?
Please do not go for it. I am sure there are better options available in the market.

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Panasonic EH5287 Hair Dryer Review Overall rating: 2 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

Panasonic EH5287 Hair Dryer

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Totally unhappy with the dryer. Its small and travel friendly but I have used it for some time now but having problems with it. Only 2-speed selection available and no cold air option available. Its also little noisy and smells of smoke when I turn it on.Its a complete no no for me.
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