Philips Salon Shine Care Hair Dryer HP8200 Review

Philips Salon Shine Care Hair Dryer HP8200 Review

Hello lovely ladies,

Today, I will be reviewing my Phillips Salon Shine Care Hair Dryer for you all. Till a few years ago, I was not into blow draying as my mom used to feel that this heat will make my already dry hair even drier, but at times, when I am in a hurry or have some function to attend, I felt the need of a good hair dryer and so bought this one. I have used this for a month or so and then I bought a rotating hot air styling brush. Until a few months ago, that was my perfect hair styling partner, but now, as I am growing my hair long, it started to tangle in the rotating brush and was taking very long time to dry and style my hair.  Then, my Phillips hair dryer came to my rescue.  Let’s see how it worked for my dry, unruly hair:

Philips Salon Shine Care Hair Dryer HP8200 Review


Rs. 1445

What Phillips Salon Shine Care hair Dryer HP8200 Claims:

  • Specially designed for Asians.
  • 1600W for gentle drying.
  • Six flexible speed and temperature settings for full control.
  • Cool shot for seal in shine and fix your style.
  • Narrow concentrator for focused air flow.
  • EHD+ technology for more protection and shinier results.
  • Thermoprotect for a constant caring temperature of 55°C.

Hair Dryer 1

My Experience with Philips Salon Shine Care Hair Dryer HP8200:

I have dry hair so I try to avoid blow drying as much as I can. Then, I read somewhere that using cool air is less damaging than hot air, so I started looking for a hair dryer with cool air setting also, and finally bought this one. This hair dryer is pink and white in color and has a nozzle attachment with it, which helps to concentrate heat for sleeker styling. 1600W is ideal power for everyday use. It has 3 heat settings and 3 air flow setting, so with these settings, one can create different combinations of heat and airflow to get a desired style. I mostly use the medium setting for both heat and hair and finish my drying with cool shot, as cool air seals the cuticle and gives shine to hair.

Hair Dryer 2

This dryer works on EHD+ technology which ensures that heat is always distributed evenly, even at high temperatures to prevent damaging hot spots. This hair dryer also has “Thermoprotect” that makes sure that the dryer gets switched off automatically once it’s over heated, this helps to ensure no hair damage due to overheating.

Hair Dryer 3

With its foldable handle, it takes very less space in my luggage while traveling. It comes with a storage hook and 1.8 m long cord which makes the handling and storage very easy.  On the whole, this is a wonderful hair dryer and I am very happy with it, I am glad I bought this one.

Hair Dryer 4

Pros of Philips Salon Shine Care Hair Dryer HP8200:

  • 3 heat and 3 air flow settings can be used independently according to user’s preference.
  • Cool shot to seal hair cuticles and set the style.
  • EHD+ technology protects hair from hot spot.
  • Thermoprotect to protect against overheating.
  • Nozzle attachment for focused air flow.
  • Foldable handle, takes less storage space, travel friendly.
  • Long cord and hook makes storage and usage easy.
  • Pink hair dryer, looks girly.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Easily available.

Cons of Philips Salon Shine Care Hair Dryer HP8200:

  • No cons.

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  1. I just got it a few months back for INR 1800, in purple and white.. I’m totally in love with the performance 🙂 its a good one and glad that its recommended, thanks sweta 🙂

  2. Hey.
    Thanks for the above review.
    I found that the Philips HP4940 is available on ebay for a lesser price. Do you have any idea about this product?

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