Pantene Smoothness and Life Shampoo Review

Pantene Smoothness and Life Shampoo

I love my hair…more so on the days when I wash them and they feel so clean with a pleasant fragrance of shampoos/conditioners. For last 2-3 months was using Tresemme range of hair products but I was kind of feeling bored with the same fragrance every time I wash my hair, so I thought of switching to some different range of products. So last time when I visited mall for my grocery shopping I headed straight towards the hair care section and from there I picked three different shampoos to know which one will suit me so that I can stick to it for another 2-3 months, and then you know- another quest for a good shampoo . This review is about one of those picks- Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Shampoo Smoothness and Life.


Product Description:

Formulated to revitalize each and every strand of your hair, giving it a smoother texture without compromising on free flowing motion. Augmented with Cassia Complex – a blend of Aloe Vera, calendula and ginger essence – as well as Pro-V science, which facilitates gentle cleansing and prevention of hair entanglement. Contains no Paraben.


Removes oil, sweat, dirt and styling products from hair and scalp to enhance the delivery of solutions in subsequent steps. Gives smooth yet free flowing hairs.

Directions for use:

Brush before bath
Helps to untangle hair for easy removal of oil, sweat, dirt or styling products
Wash thoroughly with water
Shampoos are only effective when it lathers fully. A thorough rinse with water will help the lathering process.
Spread shampoo evenly through your hair
Spread an adequate amount of shampoo on your palms. Apply it evenly through your hair and let it soak.
Work your way to the scalp
Once there is enough lather, massage your scalp with the tip of your fingers. If washing once is insufficient, wash again.



Rinse thoroughly
Squeeze and remove excessive lather, before rinsing every strand of hair thoroughly.

Shelf Life:

3 years from


The product is housed in white opaque plastic bottle secured with white cap topped with a green flip top plastic flap. The packaging is sturdy, simple and travel friendly.


Price and Quantity:
Rs.64/- for 75 ml.
Rs.125/-for 170 ml.
Rs.204/-for 320 ml.
Consistency and colour:
This shampoo is in transparen,t very light greenish coloured gel form.


The best part- this shampoo smells great. The smell lingers on for some time after a hair wash. Sweet smelling fresh hair is all you have after a hair wash, which you will love for sure.

My experience with Pantene Smoothness and Life Shampoo

Apart from other thing which I have already mentioned I like to write here is regarding the cleansing part of the product. The shampoo spreads easily however it did’nt lather that well. I generally oil my hair night before the wash and post hair-wash I feel my hairs soft and clean-not at all dry. Although at one instance I didn’t oil my hair and wash the hair without any bit of oil on my hair and my hair felt a bit dry and also not as soft. As already mentioned hair smell great, feel fresh and clean. Although I didn’t feel any bounce in my hair, they didn’t look flat or limp either. All in all a decent shampoo which delivers as per claim- smoothness and life provided you have thoroughly given oil treatment aka oil champi a night before you are trying this beauty.



Pros of Pantene Smoothness and Life Shampoo:

1. Easily available at an economical price.
2. Sturdy and travel friendly packaging.
3. Smells great…love the fragrance which lingers on in my hair post a hair wash.
4. Cleans hair well, my hair feels soft and fresh.
5. Paraben free.

Cons of Pantene Smoothness and Life Shampoo:

1. Oiling your hair is must before hair wash otherwise may feel dry.
2. Didn’t lather much.
3. Not for people with dry scalp.

IMBB Rating:


Shall I repurchase Pantene Smoothness and Life Shampoo again?

This is a decent shampoo and I love its smell but there is nothing special or unique about this shampoo so maybe I’ll repurchase it or maybe not. Let me try other products also which I have bought, then only I can decide whether to buy it again or not.

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  1. I’ve used this before and like you said its a decent shampoo. However, I’ve realized nothing really works for dry hair like professional shampoos do. Currently luuuurviiing Schwarzkopf Smooth & Shine range

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