Pond’s Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner Review

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Skin Type: Combination, sensitive and acne prone

Hello everyone,

In this post, I am reviewing Pond’s Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner. Read on to know how it fared for me:

Ponds Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner Review

Product Description:
Ponds Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner product description

Price and Quantity:
70 PHP or 100 INR approx. for 100 ml.

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Ponds Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner ingredients

My Experience with Pond’s Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner:

The product comes in a baby blue translucent plastic bottle having a white flip top cap. The cap shuts tightly making a click sound and that makes this bottle fit for travel purposes. The triangular-shaped bottle looks sleek and nice. Overall, the packaging is nice, lightweight and travel friendly.

Ponds Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner details at the back

It has a strong alcoholic smell, which irritates a lot. The toner is a clear liquid with a watery consistency. It feels light on the skin. This is an alcoholic toner and I usually prefer products without alcohol content. As I picked this up online, I was not exactly aware of the ingredient list, but I am glad that it did not cause any adverse reaction on my sensitive skin.

Ponds Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner full

My skin recently had breakouts and I tried everything and nothing really worked. So, I decided to go back to the basics and use a calamine lotion. I decided to try this toner as well as it claims to clear acne. It contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil which prevents acne. I am really happy to share that it helped to control my acne within 4-5 days. It helped to dry out the acne and prevented further breakouts. It removes excess oil from pores and makes my skin soft.

Ponds Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner open

Though I have combination skin, it looks oily after 2-3 hours of the application of this toner. I have large skin pores and this toner did nothing to reduce the size of pores. It is a nice pore clearing toner, removes all impurities from my skin and cleanses my skin, pore by pore. Every time I use this toner, I observe dirt and impurities coming out from my face on the cotton pad. Overall, I liked the results of this product. I loved how nicely it works on my skin but I would not repurchase it because of its alcoholic formulation, I would rather opt for some herbal toner.

Ponds Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner swatch

Pros of Pond’s Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner:

  • Nice packaging.
  • Watery consistency.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Cleanses skin pores well.
  • Good for sensitive skin.
  • Does not irritate skin.
  • Did not break me out.
  • Helps to prevent acne.
  • Leaves my skin clean and fresh.

Cons of Pond’s Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner:

  • Annoying smell.
  • Alcoholic formula.
  • Makes skin oily after 3 hours or so.
  • Does not shrink skin pores.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Pond’s Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner?
Yes, it does its job well so, if you don’t mind using an alcoholic formulation you may try this out. But, I would not repurchase it; I will prefer a non-alcoholic/herbal toner.

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Pond's Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner Review Overall rating: 3 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

Ponds Toner

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It is a nice pore cleansing toner. Removes impurities well. But it makes skin oily after few hours.
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One thought on “Pond’s Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner Review

  1. it is good for removing dirt in skin but it’s alcohol content is too strong for sensitive skin. used it before going to bed and woke with a very itchy face and had a breakout 🙁

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