Pond’s Gold Radiance Radiance Boosting Cleansing Mousse-Review

Pond’s Gold Radiance Radiance Boosting Cleansing Mousse Review

Pond’s Radiance Boosting Cleansing Mousse is an excellent option to revive your skin of its dullness, dryness and flakiness. With age, skin gets drier and can become dull looking. Especially designed for ageing skin, this cleansing liquid transforms into a light, satiny, yet thoroughly effective cleansing foam to lift away dullness and reveal youthful radiance without making your skin feel dry. This Mousse makes your skin well-hydrated and toned with a luminous glow. Look younger and feel younger with Pond’s Radiance Boosting Cleansing Mousse.
ponds gold radiance radiance boosting cleansing mousse
After reading a couple of Pond’s anti-ageing product reviews here on IMBB, it struck me that I am 27, suffer from occasional adult acne and need to start early with my anti-ageing routine. Now the deal is that I am very scared of anti-ageing creams and I want to keep it minimal, and hence I thought, the least I could do is start with some kind of an anti-ageing face wash to begin with. So I went overboard and ordered my self some Olay and Pond’s products, this one though is not really and anti- ageing product but at least a notch higher than my regular face washes. Let’s see how I like it!

I usually love these kinds of no-fuss pump style diffusers which are so easy to keep on any wash basin in your house and also carry around. You don’t need to lather it up, it does the job for you and also it is usually a little lighter than any face wash you would apply directly. Hence it gets a 10/10 for the lovely packaging and foam/mousse wash it gives me.
ponds gold radiance cleansing mousse

The mousse is actually unlike the Sebamed/Himalaya face wash foam, this one is heavier than you Himalaya one and lighter than you hair mousse, it is just right! The product smells rosy, exactly like the other Pond’s face washes. So far, so good.
ponds gold radiance cleasing mousse2

The product has some kind of charm for me, I don’t know may be the packing, the mousse or the fragrance or may be the whole “radiance” thing going on. I am simply floored, I like how this is a lighter but still moisturising, mousse but still not over drying for me. I have oily skin and I stay in a humid place, considering that, it does a great job to control oil and grease for at least three hours. Another thing is that we have “brackish” water here, which means the water can get really slimy and you may need to use potable water to wash your face, but on lazy days, this mouse comes off squeaky clean even with the regular tap water! Surprising!

The mousse is not soapy, it’s not dry like the whitening face washes, but it more on the soft semi-cream kind of feel to it, something that I think all skin types would enjoy. Remember I did not aim for skin whitening but a brighter supple skin which it does deliver.
ponds gold radiance cleansing mousse 3
Let’s see what it does to the skin:

  • Leaves it even-toned.
  • Leaves it clean, oil-free.
  • Leaves it supple.
  • Leaves it radiant/brighter but not in a soapy drying way the other Pond’s face washes do.
  • Leaves skin fresher.

For me I need one pump sized amount, but you can even do with half of it if you are not OCD about squeaky clean skin. For dry skin, I suggest use lesser, normal skin would love it too. It leaves skin supple and even toned, not dry, like the Pond’s white beauty face washes do. Dry skin might need very less and might need to follow it up with a moisturizer, but I am unable to comment much on that part.

Another thing is that this product will last me for 4 months easily. I have been suing it for 20 days now and it is nowhere close to even 1/5th of the liquid inside. So the Rs. 350 is actually an investment for the next 4 to 6 months honestly.

Last word:

This is my first step to an anti-ageing skin care routine. I am recommending this product to all skin types. I will repurchase this and I am happy with the results as I was half expecting it!

IMBB Rating:

4.2 / 5

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  1. GM Neha..enjoying the weather huh???
    and agian this telepathy btween us:)..i was thinking of this gold radiance and here is ur review..
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  2. Have you used Serum from this range neha?? anyone else used?? is it good 🙂

    Your review is making my mind to buy this today itself Neha 🙂

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  3. wow.. Excited to try it out!
    Thanx for sharing these all skin types reviews neha.. 🙂 m sure it will help my oily skin too!!

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