Ponds Age Miracle Anti Ageing Tinted Moisturizer Review

Ponds Age Miracle Anti AgeingTinted Moisturizer UV SPF 15 PA++

I prefer minimal makeup when it comes to daily wear. A light touch foundation, liner and lip gloss and I am good to go. Also, I find thick, heavy foundations quite a hassle and usually do not have the patience to blend and blend and blend on a daily basis. Apart from that, I hate how my skin gets all dry and flaky with regular use of foundation. This is where a Tinted Moisturizer comes in handy for me.

Pond's Tinted Moisturiser

When I first went to buy the Ponds Tinted Moisturizer, I came back without it. It was almost dark and I could not decide the best shade for me in the store’s artificial light. Moreover, there is not much difference between the three shades available. I tried Ivory and Rose both of which looked pretty much the same on me. I decided to come back next morning and check again. This time, again I could see no difference between the two. So I convinced the SA to let me take both testers home so I could see them in natural light! I am pretty regular at that H&G outlet so the SA had no qualms about letting me take the testers home. 🙂 I came home with the testers and put ivory on one side of my face and rose on the other. Still saw no difference. So I irritated my hubby for sometime hoping he could be of some help in making my decision. No luck! He saw no difference either. At last the old verse inkey-pinkey-ponkey came to my rescue and decided that ivory looked best on me!! :rotfl:

Product Details as on Ponds Age Miracle Anti Ageing Tinted Moisturizer Pack

Price: Rs. 215(Indian Rupees) for 30ml

What does Ponds Age Miracle Anti Ageing Tinted Moisturizer Claim: Experience the dual power of anti-ageing skincare with a natural “no makeup” finish with our lightweight, tinted anti-ageing moisturizer. With super-fine colorspheres to even out your skin tone and the same active ingredients of one of our best anti-ageing moisturizer, Advanced CLA Complex + SPF 15 PA++ for that smooth, natural finish with a luminous radiant glow.

How to enjoy a naturally sheer finish with anti-ageing protection: Apply evenly over thoroughly cleansed face.

Anti Ageing Tinted Moisturizer

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores
  • Conceals to minimize age spots
  • Gives a natural, “no makeup” finish
  • Available in 3 skin-blending shades(Sheer Ivory, Sheer Honey, Sheer Beige)
  • Shades Available: Sheer Ivory 01, Sheer Rose 02, Sheer Honey 03

Pond's Tinted Moisturiser Swatches

Ok, I have to start by saying that I love its cute, ultra chic packaging!!! One look at the tiny bottle and you will want to take it home!! By tiny I mean TINY!! It can fit in half of my palm (check photo), and I have small hands! The moisturizer looks like any regular liquid foundation. It is mildly fragrant and very lightweight. Disappears easily into the skin and you do not need any extra efforts to blend it. A pea-sized amount is enough to cover the face and neck. In fact if I use more I find it a bit oily on my T-zone but nothing a compact or loose powder cannot handle.

A tinted moisturizer means that the product is meant to act somewhat like a foundation, that is cover your flaws and give your skin a more even toned look, as well as moisturize your skin. Ponds TM, clears both these tests. It covers up the odd blemish marks on my face and gives the skin and even look. It blends into the skin effortlessly giving a very natural, no-makeup look. Also covers up the open pores on my nose!! Makes my skin look dewy and fresh which lasts at least 4-5 hours on me.

Ok, now onto its second function that is moisturizing. I have combination skin leaning towards dry, and I have never had my skin feel the least bit dry or stretched while using this even after 5-6 hours. It is very good as a moisturizer especially if you have dry skin. Those with oily skin may find it a bit too oily.

Another added benefit is that it comes with SPF 15, so it would give you some sun protection as well. I however do use a regular sunscreen even with this, as the SPF in makeup or moisturizers is usually not sufficient for complete sun protection. As for the anti ageing benefits, I have only noticed that my skin is well hydrated and smooth since I am using this. I guess even a regular moisturizer would do that so don’t know about the anti ageing part yet.

Pond's Tinted Moisturiser Swatches

What I love about Ponds Tinted Moisturizer.

  • Love, love, love the packaging. Easy to carry in handbag. I have always liked Ponds packaging starting from their first cute cold cream bottle.
  • Easy to use. Blends well.
  • One or two drops are enough to give sheer coverage on entire face and neck.
  • Has SPF thus providing added protection.
  • Did not break me out!!! DID NOT BREAK ME OUT!!!!!
  • Saves time when you are in a hurry. Great if you are traveling, as it eliminates the need to carry a separate moisturizer.
  • Stays put for at least 4-5 hours on my face.
  • Pretty effective as a moisturizer as well. My dry areas around mouth and cheeks feel hydrated throughout the day
  • Evens out skin tone and hides open pores giving a naturally dewy look to the skin. For me it looks like I have applied nothing.
  • Great for those who don’t like wearing foundation every day.
  • Doesn’t cause dry patches as foundation sometimes does.

What I dislike about Ponds Tinted Moisturizer.

  • Those with oily skin may find this product too oily. It is however perfect for dry skin.
  • Great for only minor flaws. May not offer enough coverage for acne or pigmentation. I’m not sure, as I have neither.
  • Limited shades and very similar ones at that. Few may find the perfect shade.
  • Not so sure about the anti ageing benefits.
  • I wish Ponds would give at least 50ml for this price.

I would certainly continue to use this one until something better comes along . 🙂

Rating for Ponds Age Miracle Anti Ageing Tinted Moisturizer : 4


40 thoughts on “Ponds Age Miracle Anti Ageing Tinted Moisturizer Review

  1. Boohoo…why they don’t keep oily skin people in mind. Nice review by the way, Smitha, it saved me Rs. 215 that I had kept aside to buy this one. Thanks for the review….. 🙂

    1. Jomol, I have heard that the MAC TM is not oily at all….I don’t know the price though I’m sure it will be pricey…

        1. The mac one is Rs.1850 i think. i dont remeber now correctly but i went there once and the SA told me to buy a TM rather than a foundation and i even agreed with him. But then he dint had my shade with him. I sent my bf to the ambience outlet and it wasnt available there as well. Then i read at indian vanity case about ponds tm and i thought id better buy this as its just 215 bucks. And now i read this.. 🙁 ive got super oily tzone

  2. Thanks for the detailed review Smita 🙂

    yep… same thing jomol…i have normal to oily…after reading reviews on biotique/ponds TM, I wanted to try…but no luck… :pissedoff:

  3. Nice review Smita.

    I recently bought this product and am quite happy with it. Agree with you on the part that it does make my T zone a bit more oily.

    And..you did inky pinky ponky to select the right shade?? :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  4. hehe..yes that was the onlt way left since shaded were so similar!!! 😀 And it worked well

    so I figured Rati should add it to her post on foundations as a sure shot way to get the perfect matching foundation :rotfl: :rotfl:

    so Rati when are u adding this update 😛 😉

  5. I haven’t seen it around here. I might go to lahore next week. Ponds tinted moisturizer is on my list. If I am lucky laura mercier might be available by miracle

  6. hi.nice review.i din’t get ponds tinted moisturiser here & biotique either.i got loreal moisturizer with spf 50.i baught it yeat.i applied it in the day.it evened out over all complexion.& it works as ma primer too.the pack says it has long lasting UV protection & it evens out skin, reduces blemishes & can be uses as a daily moisturizer & suitable 4 asian skin.it din’t feel harsh 2 me but its so pricey for a 30 ml tube that costs 400rs.its good 4 dry skin.it can be greasy 4 oily skin.but its an all in 1 moisturizer.& it also added glow so i really liked it.i will definately go 4 ponds if i find it here.

  7. actually this poduct can be used on top of the daily resurfacing cream. (that is if your face is not oily and you can handle it) the combined effect is superb for me

  8. hi i am 23 yrs old and i hav acne scars and mild to moderate acne…is it okay if i use ponds age miracle tinted moisturiser on my skin..???

  9. when u guys uses that Things, just chek that is it working till d 30 days or not?
    Bcoz the ponds is that product, wenever we apply, the skin looks very attractive. but is it working long lasting? ?:)

  10. hi………nice product n i used dis product….. and so much changes i found in my skin…..!!!!!my skin so smooth n look attractive……..my wrinkles are also gone…….n check the product for 30 days….
    :haanji: :manicure: :waytogo: good ponds product are so affective!!!
    😉 O:)

  11. where can i buy this in Delhi…it is not available..my tube is running out…i want to buy new one…but i dnt find it here in delhi…plz suggest me…

  12. Hi,lvd the review. I too am in luv wid dis product in sheer ivory but its no longer available in market, not even online 🙁
    However i found it in a shop but its expiry is in April this year.Should i buy it?when should we stop using a product-after its expiry or 1-2months pror to its expiry?
    PS: sheer rose is available in market but i am too skeptical about it being a little darker than ivory. Is there any difference?i love my sheer ivory glow,dnt wana change it a bit 🙁

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