Nature’s Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub Review

Nature’s Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub Review


Can you blame me if I pick up Nature’s Essence products based only on their fragrance, if you have used any of the Nature’s Essence stuff, you would know what I mean ūüėõ One day suddenly I realized that I am running short of scrubs, and that’s when I picked this up, okay no justification for why I specifically picked with something gold in it, would a gold hoarder like me believe they would add gold dust in this cream, nah come on!!

Product Description:

This cream based cleansing scrub has special properties of golden dust, peppermint oil, orange oil which gives deep cleansing effect, while giving a gentle scrubbing also.  Its cleansing action balances the pH of the skin, while gentle grains helps in removing blackheads and dead cells.

Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub 2

How To Apply:

Apply a little quantity on the skin and gently massage in the circular motion on wet face and neck for 3 to 4 minutes. Then clean with wet cotton/water thoroughly.


Rs. 175 for 50 gm.

Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub 3


Rosemary oil, Lavender oil, Almond oil, Walnut shell, Golden dust.

My Take on¬†Nature’s Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub:

This one smells awesome – it smells of some very good things that I can’t put down my fingers to. ¬†Comes in a press tube golden packaging. ¬†Everything about this scrub is golden – right from the packaging to the gold dust scattered in the scrub. ¬†The consistency of the scrub is very creamy with very mild granules that are well rounded, non-abrasive and non-gritty. ¬†There is a whole lot of finely milled gold dust in the scrub which sticks on to the face even after washing the scrub off, eeks! I don’t really understand why brands add golden, silver and other glitter in products, even Clinique does that, beats me!

Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub 4

This scrub exfoliates well and comes under the “mild scrub” category. ¬†The scrubbing action does leave clean skin behind. ¬†I like my scrubs to be a little gritty, so I am not quite happy. ¬†The scrub does exfoliate pretty well, my cousin sister liked it very much, but for me, I like Clinique Exfoliating Scrub and Lotus Herbals Pomegranate and Plum Skin Polisher which let you know that they are working ūüôā ¬†I am not all that happy with this cleansing scrub and will get Lotus Pomegranate Skin Polisher again ūüôā

Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub 5

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of¬†Nature’s Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub:

  • Mild scrub with non-gritty and non-abrasive granules.
  • Exfoliates pretty well.
  • Smells awesome.
  • People who like mild exfoliators will love it.

Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub 8

Cons of¬†Nature’s Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub:

  • Contains a lot of finely milled gold glitter which sticks on to the face.
  • I am not a mild scrub person, not too happy with this.
  • Complete list of ingredients not mentioned.

Will I Repurchase¬†Nature’s Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub?


IMBB Rating:


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10 thoughts on “Nature’s Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub Review

  1. Me too don’t like gentle scrubs *hifive* *nababana* and shimmers is a big no no *nababana* i think the vlcc gold scrub is almost similar but its not this gentle and doesn’t leave shimmer or anything … try that once *pompom*

  2. oxypeel scrub was my first try from them apart from two shampoos..never liked even one among these *headbang* *headbang*

  3. i hav used apricot srcub from nature’s.. it was good w/o those shimmery particles.. the smell was lovely and that was mild too.. tat was perfect fr me coz i suffered from acne tat time *happydance* *happydance*

  4. Gold shimmers on face! *nababana*
    I really don’t understand the concept of key ingredients! I just don’t like it! *nonono*

  5. hi jomol..believe it or a huge fan of this one..these days, with my lil princess, i havr no time for an ellaborate facial or salon visits, hence the parlour ladies comes once in a month for waxing threading etc to ma place and she gives a wonderful scrub and massage with the same NE products and ma face gets all brighter shier smoother like i had a it *hifive*

  6. I got to use Nature’s Essence products just recently, Jomol. We stayed in a hotel where they had all NE products, some green transparent bar soap, aloevera shampoo and conditioner, aloevera moisturiser, etc. I agree, they do smell heavenly. But this scrub we could give a total skip, I guess.

  7. Aww I wanna sniff it *drool* .. ur pics are so lively jomol.. t *clap* hough this is a skip for me.. *nababana*

  8. I have used this too… But i wouldnt cal it mild. Its not too mild and its not too harsh. Its somewhere inbetween and It gives an amazing glow and clean feeling to the skin. I have used it along with its facial kit.. It works reallly gud..

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