DIY Easy Steps To Remove Blackheads and Nose Pigmentation Quickly

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The festive seasons are knocking at the door and I am preparing my skin to be beautiful for the upcoming festival. I have super oily skin and some big open pores around my nose. So those open pores bring blackheads on my skin and it looks really bad. This is a very common problem of all, and we all have little pigmentation around our nose and mouth. I want to get rid from them quickly in a natural way. I am not a fan of parlor treatment for my blackheads, so I prepare one easy scrub and one mask to remove them naturally. This is basically a four steps procedure that helps me a lot. As it works magically on me from the first use so I want to share it with you guys. Let’s jump into the details:

Nose pigmentation

DIY- Easy Steps to Remove Blackheads & Nose Pigmentation Quickly 2

Face Scrub:

• Baking Soda Powder: Baking soda powder helps to exfoliate skin smoothly and deeply cleans all the dirt. It is super effective scrubbing particles for blackheads and it helps to lighten up dark pigmented area also.

• Coffee: It exfoliates dry skin and makes silky smooth. It’s a rich source of antioxidants. It enhances circulation and removes dirt from skin.

• Honey: Honey is clarifying, because it opens up pores and cleans it and making them easy to unclog. It is extremely moisturizing and soothing.

Face mask:

• Turmeric: Turmeric is an anti bacterial agent. It is also known as dirt clearing purifying agent, that cleans oily skin nicely and control oil. It makes skin bright and fresh.

Lemon: Lemon juice contains citric acid which gradually fades spots and evens out our skin tone. The antibacterial and anti fungal properties of lemon make them a natural skin purifier and it helps to control facial oil.


Rose water: Rose water makes skin fresh and glowing. It closes our pores and gives soothing effect to skin. It controls excess oil and skin pH balance. It works as great toner for skin.

Procedure of Scrub:

DIY- Easy Steps to Remove Blackheads & Nose Pigmentation Quickly 3

1. Take ½ spoon of baking soda in a bowl and 1 spoon of honey to it. Mix them together nicely.

DIY- Easy Steps to Remove Blackheads & Nose Pigmentation Quickly coffee

2. Add ½ spoon of coffee into that bowl and combine them nicely.
3. Scrub is ready to use now.

Procedure of Pack:

DIY- Easy Steps to Remove Blackheads & Nose Pigmentation Quickly pack

1. Take ½ spoon of turmeric powder and add ½ spoon of lemon to it. To make the paste little thin add some water to it.

DIY- Easy Steps to Remove Blackheads & Nose Pigmentation Quickly pack 2

2. Combine all the ingredients nicely and make a medium smooth paste of it.


DIY- Easy Steps to Remove Blackheads & Nose Pigmentation Quickly application

• First boil some water and steam T zone with a towel. It helps to open your pores.
• Next apply the scrub on the T zone and exfoliate your skin for 5-7 min nicely. Then rinse it with lukewarm water.
• Now apply the mask on that area and keep it for 10min. After the mask dries out completely dab some water on skin and gently massage the mask. After that rinse that nicely.
• Now to tone the skin, apply some rose water with a cotton pad. It also helps to close pores.
• Do these steps twice in a week for the best result.


Overall this mask helps to get rid from all the unwanted black heads and pigmentation on skin. It also makes skin smooth and clear. It does its job effectively and I can see the result after my first use. You can see my first use result in this image. There is little yellow tint present due to the turmeric but it will go with few washes. But these steps really help to drag out all the dirt from my pores and make them visibly clear and fresh. It also lightens that pigmentation around my noses and overall my T zone area appears fresh and bright. I hope you like this easy recipe to get rid of blackheads quickly. It will definitely help you too.

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  1. Hello everyone…
    I have a severe issue plz ladies help me out?? ….I have fairer skin but the problem is freckles ….freckles on nose n cheeks….though i dont want to fade away but yes i want that freckles on nose must fade away soon and few of on cheecks…i have tried home remedies, creams,ayurvedic creams but none has proved what it had claimed….recently i am applying kottakal kumkumadi thailam from 25 days …though the skin have becum more fair but marks are as same as earlier…
    Plz suggest me such product which really proved me better….i have combine skin…

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