10 Pressure Points for Weight Loss

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Acupressure has long been used in Chinese health to even the flow of energy in the body. Reports have suggested that certain acupressure points in the body when massaged also aid in weight loss as these are the organs responsible for the same. So, here is a list of such points:

10 Pressure Points for Weight Loss

1. Top of the Trapezius Muscle

The trapezius muscle is located on the back of the body. This is the area where the back of the neck meets the shoulder. Apply pressure on this spot for one minute and repeat on the other side.

2. Nose Bridge

Woman with headache pinching her nose

The area of the nose bridge that is in line with the eyes is an acupressure point. Simple stroke the area starting from your eye to the nose bridge.

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3. Between the Eyebrows

The dip between the eyebrows can also be massaged to aid in weight loss. It is also a spot that we often press when we feel stress, and it seems to provide relief. Simply apply pressure to this area for a minute.

4. Breastbone

Woman with pain in chest, angina

The breastbone, or the area above the celiac plexus is another acupressure point. Apply pressure on this spot for one minute every day.

5. Ear

The spot between the ear and the temple is a good acupressure point. Massage and apply pressure to the area for one minute.

6. Abdomen

Woman receiving osteopathic treatment of her belly

The abdomen has many pressure points, but the most vital one is below the belly button. To locate this point, measure two fingers down the belly button. Massage this point for a minute.

7. Abdominal Sorrow

This acupressure point is located beneath the chest area. Massage upwards from the belly to this point to lose weight.

8. Elbow

The beautician who massages an arm

The inner area of the elbow is another very good pressure point. Simply apply pressure for a minute on the spot.

9. Knees

Knees make for good points too. Apply pressure to this area for a minute daily.

10. Lips

Beauty woman with perfect makeup

The area above the upper lip also makes for a good acupressure point. Simply apply pressure gently on this spot for a minute.

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