6 Reasons why Couples Drift Apart Over Time

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Some relationships start on a bang but after few years they start to crumble and couples start to drift apart. Sometimes it is too late before they even realise that something is wrong! Let me tell you a few reasons of couples drifting apart after a considerable amount of time and what you can do to cope with them.

Reasons Why Couples Drift Apart Over Time

1. Non communication:

Communication is the key to a successful relationship be it any relation in the world. People change over time and so are their habits. Chances are you don’t communicate on the same level as you did in the starting of your relationship. Well the best that you can do is spend some time together without any disturbances from the outer world and just talk to your heart’s content!

2. Suppressed emotions:

As you are not communicating enough, you might be having so many suppressed emotions. When you stop telling your partners about your biggest dreams, your inhibitions, your fears, how you feel about certain things, you gradually start drifting apart. So never stop sharing the little details of your life with your significant other.

3. Swollen egos:

In the beginning of a new relationship, you were able to let go of your egos for the sake of happiness for your partner but you can’t seem to do that anymore! You are always taunting and always pointing out his mistakes, well this will lead you nowhere! Both of you try to leave your ego asides and try to be the same love birds you were once before!

4. Life directions:

It is essential that you guys take out time for each other from your busy schedules. Sometimes in the rat race of the world we tend to forget what matters the most and i.e. our families. No matter what you do on a daily basis but make it a point to go someplace together every once in a while with your partner.

5. Physical intimacy:

physical intimacy
This is also one of the ways to build a strong relationship but so many of married couples tend to forget that. Physical intimacy takes a back seat after a while and this clearly reflects in the bond. So if you think your relationship lacks physical intimacy then it might be time to act on it.

6. No common interests:

He might be out doing his own things and you might be on your own doing your own little things but what is that one fun thing that you do together? If you can’t think of one then it high time that you do!

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