Review on Ayur Herbals Natural Rajasthani Henna Review

Review on Ayur Herbals Natural Rajasthani Henna

Hello pretty ones!

After my review on Ayur herbals orange face pack, I am back again with another widely used Ayur product, its Henna powder. Henna has been used since centuries by women for dyeing their hair or for semi tattoo effect on their hands and feet. The traditional way of using henna involved picking up fresh leaves from the plant and grinding it into a paste. Application of this paste rendered a rich reddish brown color to hands, feet and hair. When used on hair, henna is said to serve as a conditioner too other than giving a reddish tinge to hair. But sadly, the entire process is so cumbersome and time taking that we never really end up doing it. Thanks to the powdered henna available now, all we have to do is mix it with water and enjoy the same effects. Though the effects given by powdered henna are no match to the original henna leaves (which I love to death!), but this as they say, half a loaf is better than no loaf!

ayur natural rajasthani heena

Coming back to the review, ayur henna comes in a silver colored packet with traditional Rajasthani art printed on it. Maybe that is just to emphasize on the fact that they are giving us Rajasthani henna (henna from Rajasthan are supposed to be of the best quality).

ayur natural rajasthani heena

Price : Rs.25 for 100 gms

Texture and color:

The color of the powder is pale moss green and the texture is quite smooth. You won’t find it grainy at all. On mixing, it forms a pretty smooth paste. I always mix my henna with curd, eggs, lemon juice and a bit of coffee powder. When at home, mummy adds brahmi, shikakai and alma powder to it too. But in the following pictures I have mixed it with strained tea water, and curd only. The first one is the original color. The second picture is taken with flash on, maybe that’s why it is looking brownish.

ayur natural rajasthani heena mix

My take on this henna: Now this particular brand of henna is not what I use regularly. When I was at home ( now I stay in hostel miles away from home 🙁 ), the henna powder which I used every two weeks and which gave me fabulous results was the Shelly henna powder. It might be an unheard of brand, but I can swear by its quality. Unfortunately, when I came to hostel, I could not find Shelly henna in any shop here! It was then I started using this one. It is not my favorite but still a decent product. I apply the pack to my hair and let it rest for 2 hours and then wash it off with plain water. I do not keep it for more than that as my hair already has a dark brownish tinge. After the wash I do not feel the need for any conditioner, but that may be because I add curd which has a moisturizing effect. I feel the change in my hair texture every time I use this henna. My hair becomes super shiny and bouncy. But that may also be due to the other ingredients that I add to the pack. I have never used the henna powder mixed just with water as I fear that might dry out my hair.

Pros :

1. Inexpensive. 100 gms for Rs 25 is really affordable.
2. Does not dry out hair.
3. Can be washed off easily
4. No overpowering artificial smell

1. No ingredient list mentioned. I highly doubt it contains only pure henna powder
2. Does not give the dark brown color as it claims to. But then again that may be because I always add other ingredients to the pack too.

Other than these I cannot find any flaw with this one.

Rating : 4/5
Finally here is a picture taken after washing and air drying my hair post ayur henna application. This picture is a few months old and my hair is longer now. But this is the only one I have which truly shows how my hair looks after using this henna. It was taken when I was busy applying mehendi on my sis’s hands a day before she got married 🙂

And this is the design I came up with for my darling sis 😀 I included this pic since we are talking about henna and mehendi here

Waiting for your comments. Until next time, keep smiling keep glowing! 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Review on Ayur Herbals Natural Rajasthani Henna Review

      1. u know neha, this pic is also posted in the FB page of IMBB. some people actually commented things like “gandi design”, “isse achhi toh i can apply” etc 😛 sis is upset looking at those comments

        1. Aparajita the design is really good one, moreover it is the affection n love for ur sis which is really incomparable with professional artists as they do only for money… I wish I too have sis to share such a lovely bond !!!!!!

  1. Hi Aparajita,
    I am Kirti and am new here. Just browsed through the mail subscription and saw your article. Trully the menhandi designs are fabulous and you are such a gud artist and a sweet loving sister. Anyone would love to have a sister like you and would love to have your designs on their hands instead of any professional artist.

    Also the shine on your hair is awesome too. Although I can’t use eggs due to religious reasons.. can you plz tell me your hair care regime. I have dry hair which tends to be frizzy too . Hope to hear a response from you soon.

    With Best wishes,

    1. hey Kirti, thank u for lovely words. i don’t do much for my hair besides oiling it alternatively with plain coconut oil and sweet almond oil. also, the shine u see here is how my hair looks when i m at home, there is something in the weather and water there that makes skin and hair glow literally! 🙂 once back to hostel, it loses most of the shine 🙁 by the way, u can apply a pack of ripe banana and honey to your hair, cover it with a shower cap and then wash off after 30 mins with a mild shampoo. that would take care of your dryness and give a shine boost too! otherwise you can just use curd on your hair for nourishing it 🙂
      take care!

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