Revlon Cucumber Face Wash

Revlon Cucumber Face Wash

Revlon Cucumber Face Wash


Rs. 125.

Net Weight: 120 ml.

Shelf Life: 24 months.

What Revlon Claims:
An exclusive face wash for normal to dry skin that shall help restore moisture balance and helps to make skin visibly fairer and glowing.

Method of Use:
Moisten face. Squeeze a small amount on your palm. Apply and gently massage the lather all over face in circular motion.

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Cucumber extract, jojoba Extract, Vitamin E & Olivem.

My Experience with Revlon Cucumber Face Wash:

I picked up this Revlon Face Wash  just by looking at the brand name. When I read the ingredients and the promise it makes to make your skin fairer and glowing, I was elated on picking up the right thing, but to my surprise, it was a big disappointment. As a normal, basic face wash, it is alright, but if we talk of glowing skin, this is a total failure.

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What I Like about Revlon Cucumber Face Wash:

• It’s a gel-based face wash, so doesn’t give dry patches.
• It takes care of the oiliness around my T zone.
• Lathers well, hence pea-sized quantity is enough every time.
• Contains natural ingredients; jojoba oil helps in moisturizing skin, cucumber extracts work as astringent, Vitamin E has anti ageing properties and Olivem is a softening agent used in baby creams and lotions.
• Mild soothing fragrance.
• Gives a radiance to my skin immediately after wash.
• Very economical.
• Strong and sturdy tube.

What I Did Not Like about Revlon Cucumber Face Wash:

• It has not made my skin fairer.
• Consistency is very thin, you can check out the picture.
• It has no granules; I like my face wash with tiny granules, helps in keeping blackheads away.

My Rating:
In a nutshell, I was not very pleased using this face wash, so, my rating for it is 2.5/5.

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11 thoughts on “Revlon Cucumber Face Wash

  1. I clicked this post’s link…and the first I noticed was Cucumber. Not Face Wash.Just Cucumber. 😐 😐 :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:
    :thumbsup: Great review,bt the product fails to wow! me. :methinks:

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    please do reply.
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  3. from teh review it does sound like anice face wash. I mean most face washes dont have granules and it sounds pretty decent from what you have stated. Fairness is something that not many face washes would offer. So far the face cleans your face and does not rips off moisture from your skin, i guess it’s fine. :0

  4. i was so excited when i read the title :woot: ….but after going thru the review….its better to giv this one a miss…. :yuck:

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