Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids Review

Revlon Illuminance Crème Eye Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids Review

Hi IMBB Gang,

This is my first eye shadow review on IMBB.  I am a minimalist person when it comes to eye makeup, so I have only a couple of eye shadows sitting on my dresser.  I had powder eye shadow, but thought cream eye shadow would be easier for a makeup amateur like me.  I looked at all the variants available and picked up this quad, “Wild Orchids,”  since I thought it will go with most of my outfits and the colours are also quite less intense and good for natural eye makeup.

Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids Review

These eye shadows are easily available at Priceline, David Jones and Myer. This was the only drug store creme eye shadow I could find since I was not planning on breaking the bank for eyeshadows.  I have been impressed with Revlon so far, trying out lip colours, nail polishes and some fragrance sprays.

Product Details:

Discover an endless spectrum of luminosity. Play with all 4 shades and watch your eyes light up a new way every time. Ophthalmologist tested. Non-irritating. Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.

Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids  1

My Experience with Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids:

This comes in a sleek, rectangular box with a mirror and a snap lock. It has see-through bubbles for each colour, so you can have a look at the colours even without opening it.  There is a reasonable amount of product I would say. The colours in this particular palette are, a light mauve, a bluey purple, reddish purple and a plummy brown shade. I have heard a lot about eye shadows creasing on dry skin, but I have oily-combination skin and always use my Rimmel primer on my eyelids before applying this.

Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids

On most occasions, I just use the darkest (bronze colour on my eyelid and the lightest on the arch of my eyebrow), but I have also used three colours including one at the crease. The texture is soft, creamy and cakey. The eye shadow sets in quite fast, so you have to blend it in quite quickly, otherwise the different colours will get mixed up. I have read reviews claiming that this cream eye shadow creases, but I haven’t found that as a problem. However, the colour fades away slowly after about four hours which is a pain as unlike lip colour or powder, it is not easy to touch up eye shadows.

Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids

The eye shadow is pretty lightweight and even after a whole day, it does not make my eyelids heavy.  I also like to top it up with powder eye shadow of the same colour to get a long-lasting application.

Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids

Pros of Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids:

  • Does not make eyelids heavy and does not irritate skin around the eye area.
  • There is a good selection of colours available to suit each person’s taste.
  • The colours can be used alone or mixed between them, the copper colour in particular goes well with Indian outfits.
  • Colours can be created by layering different colours.
  • The case is slim and compact with a built-in mirror for ease of carrying around.

Cons of Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids:

  • Unless it is used lightly, there is a tendency for the creme to crease.
  • An applicator is not included, so an applicator should be carried around.
  • Not suitable for oily or very dry skin. In oily skin, it will crease easily and on very dry skin, it might accentuate the dryness of your eyelids.

Will I Repurchase Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids?

I still have plenty left since I don’t use eye shadow regularly, but unless I find a drugstore crème eye shadow, I will definitely repurchase this. I prefer the crème version when compared to powder eye shadows.

IMBB Rating:


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11 thoughts on “Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids Review

    1. I only have this and another powder eyeshadow quad ,….so imagine what a novice I am when it comes to eyemakeup !! 🙁 so for me , i find this a little bit easier to blend than powder ,….but if you are really good with eyemakeup I guess powder is better

  1. Hi Surbhi,…

    I dont have anything to compare this to ,…as this is my only creme eyeshadow pallette ,….but since it is a drugstore products ( as in i didnt pay a ton of $$$) i feel it performs well for the price

    1. This was my first eyeshadow palette Supriya. 🙂 i had no idea about primers that time. So, whenever i applied it, it used to crease on me. 🙁 Then i got 1-2 powder eyeshadows and liked them better.

  2. Oh yeah I have a different palette from the same range but it hardly stays for an hour on my oily lids, creases horribly!

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