Revlon Lip Liner Pencil – Burgundy

Revlon Lip Liner Pencil – Burgundy

I need lip liners all the time, obviously because I have a ton of lipsticks,I like to use lip liners most of the time and this was an impulse buy.

Revlon Lip Liner Pencil Burgundy (2)


INR 285

I was at shopper stop and I buy most of my makeup there, the SAs know me and always offer me new stuff.This one though was something I just bought because I was at the counter and I had to buy something, not to return empty handed so I picked this up.

Revlon Lip Liner Pencil Burgundy (7)

The pencil is a wooden one with a traditional sharpening thing to it, I love it and I like to keep pencils sharp, I have a thing for it ๐Ÿ˜› this one is one of them and hence would finish soon, not that I dont like the retractable ones but I like these classic one too.

Revlon Lip Liner Pencil Burgundy (5)

The color is a deep brown burgundy, reminds me of what Gauri Khan used to wear in the nineties perhaps ๐Ÿ˜› or later. The color is of no use on its own, it is very dark and could be used only on darker brown lipsticks.

Revlon Lip Liner Pencil Burgundy (6)

The texture is very average, nothing great not smooth or anything, it is just functional, I am okay with that but I have used better lipsticks. It does not help the bleeding of the lippy much but it is just fine since it is matte, I am sure it saves one lipstick from bleeding.

Revlon Lip Liner Pencil Burgundy Swatch

If you have dry lips you can avoid this,as this might tug a lot. I have not used it on a lip balms o I cannot comment, I use it lightly and I have normal lips. Using this alone will make lips very dry.

Last word:

In this price, I can shop better, this is a functional pencil nothing great, nothing to be recommended, but just the brand name to it I feel! ๐Ÿ™‚ The color also has limited usage though.The pencil has a classic charm to it though.

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16 thoughts on “Revlon Lip Liner Pencil – Burgundy

  1. Nice review Neha….
    Now a days iam using Maybelline long lasting lipsticks…….could you pls suggest me one lip liner which also stays all day long, as i didnt get time for touch-ups during the office hours.

  2. I am using Bourjois Long Wear Lip Liners from a longtime now as it is creamy and glides on well.Will skip this one as it is not recommended for dry lips. Thanks for the review Neha.

  3. Hm….Nice. But I’ve been using my favourite Wonder Colour Lip Liner for eons now. And it gave me no complaints. I just love to use it.

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