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Once upon a time I had clear, blemish-less skin but once my teenage years started I got acne (ugh) and then after much praying and sacrifices and creams and face packs my acne reduced, once I had passed out of my teens. But sadly I still have some marks and large pores to remind me of the horror! And since then I’ve been on the search for the perfect concealer- one that doesn’t look too heavy but also conceals and blends well and doesn’t settle into fine lines or pores. And I believe this comes very close to it!

What: Revlon PhotoReady stick concealer

How much: Rs.700 For 3.2g of product

revlon PR concealer

So this is a part of the latest PhotoReady range from Revlon and if you’ve seen the other PhotoReady stuff in the stores you’ll know that this entire photoready range has subtle shimmer in it- right from the compact to the foundation. And even the photoready concealer is not completely matte but has very very very subtle shimmer. You probably cannot even see it unless you squint really hard and have very sharp eyesight. I couldn’t even photograph this shimmer coz it’s so subtle! But what it does is- it gives a very nice glow. It acts like an illuminator for daytime usage. You won’t end up looking like a disco-ball but your skin will glow! It even has SPF20.

one swipe

blended swatch
The packaging is very neat. Revlon Photoready concealer Comes in a lipstick-like packaging with a transparent lid and you can twist the stick up. Very sturdy and easy to carry around and hygienic too (as opposed to pots) and very handy for doing touch ups. You can wear this either under your foundation or over it.

I got this in shade 003 called Light Medium and it is slightly lighter than my NC40 skintone but works great as a concealer. I mainly use this for under eye area and also dab a bit on my forehead and nose to highlight. This product really blends into the skin because of its creamy texture but also provides adequate coverage. I would say the coverage is medium to heavy depending on how you layer it. This isn’t as heavy duty as MACs concealers but because of that reason it doesn’t settle into pores or fine lines (which was a problem I was facing with MAC studio finish concealer). And because of the very subtle shimmer in it, it also highlights your skin. I generally run in the opposite direction whenever I see products with shimmer because I already have an oily skin and don’t want to end up looking like a disco ball but I’m really pleased to say that this product totally works for me.

fully twisted up
I generally dab the stick directly on my face and then pat with my finger gently so it gets blended. It’s pretty easy to blend and doesn’t look cakey at all! Perfect for summers when I just use some moisturizer and then dab this on my nose and trouble spots and under eyes and then some compact over it and done!

Pros of Revlon PhotoReady Stick Concealer:
• Can be used for medium to heavy coverage.
• Doesn’t look cakey.
• Blends well and doesn’t settle into fine line or pores.
• Suitable for all skin types (my skin is oily-combination).
• Works wonderful in under-eye area.
• Although it is matte finish it has very subtle shimmer that highlights the skin too.
• Can be used as a highlighter/illuminator for daytime use.
• Very good staying power- lasts for a good 6 hours when you set it with powder on top.
• Can be removed with soap/Make-up remover.
• Has SPF20.

Cons of Revlon PhotoReady Stick Concealer:
• Doesn’t provide heavy-duty coverage like MAC (but I don’t want that anyway ;p).

Verdict: Love it and recommend it!

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39 thoughts on “Revlon PhotoReady Stick Concealer Review

  1. Wowww, thanks a lot 4 this review, I was frantically searching net for review on photoready range, I think this is the first review now I can see on this range!! It looks damn attractive ! :woot: Can anyone please review the compact, pressed powder and the foundation?????? Please do that! :thanks: :thanks:

    1. Taps there are reviews of PhotoReady range..i just saw them today only :toothygrin: btw my friend has their Compact powder and its amazing..I was shocked to see the difference on her face once the SA applied actually covered her pores and flaws quite nicely..the compact is liquid to powder finish :waytogo:

      1. Ohh I didnt find it, will have to search for reviews then ,thnx for telling, but I have so many compacts to finish, one from lotus 2 from lakme ! 😕

        1. heheh..but I found that powder more like foundation as its liquid to powder form and gives good coverage as well….do check out once 🙂

        2. Parita, read it, there are mixed reviews god knows what to do, which one to trust and which one not ! :((

    2. Yeah.. I’ve been using this for a month coz I didnt wanna do a review right after buying the product.. and their compact is kinda weird no- that liquid thing thats in a mesh.. and even that had some shimmer in it… so I passed that up…

    3. foundation is awesome i used for d 1st tymi lvd n i imme. purchanse d 2 nd one for stock lol
      try it coverage is awesome last 4 ^== 6 to 8 hrs i hv oily skin bt still foundation made me matte effect last long i jst lvd it
      :love: :love:

    1. I use the colourbar stick concealer too.. but this works waayy better i feel! HAvent used the lotus one!

      1. Oh sorry I meant maxfactor not colourbar.. and maxfactor stick concealer is also reviewd on this blog.. do chk that out too

  2. was waiting for a review on this concealer before i decide to buy it…do they have any peachish/salmon shade?

    1. unfortunately most of these shades have yellow undertones.. they dont have peach/salmon shades! :(( :((

  3. also like concealers that work more as illuminators. I have the one form mickey contractor collection and I use the yellow part more than the orange one. Like it that ways. this looks equally good.:)

    thanks for thw review. :))

  4. Acha it will finish soon na, I mean its liquid and it kinda would get dry after sometime na? I am nt able to understand compact in liquid form, its better to buy the foundation I think, less price !

  5. ths photo ready range has quite a lot of gud reviews :yes: .. i’m eyeing its foundation 😉 😉 …its looks nice too but i prefer liquid concealers..but want to try colorbar also.. :struggle: :struggle: :struggle:

  6. haaw…tell me 1 thing ye stick wala concealer abi launch hua hai kya??in april after jinal’s suggestion i went to buy photoredy concealer bt d sa showed me 1 in sme caked cmpact types thing..nd coz m normal to dry skin gal..i cudnt tk it..nd bought max factor under eye concealer for 750..nd hvnt used it even once… :(( :(( :((

    1. Jigyasa, this concealer was launched with the rest of the photo ready collection itself. I myself bought this more than a month back but reviewed now because I wanted to use it for a while before giving an honest opinion

  7. This is the first review of a Photoready range product I’ve read!! Thanks for reviewing…sounds like a good product! I guess limited shaded might be a problem but apart from that it looks great! 🙂

  8. I was confused whether to get this or not..but now I am definitely getting my concealers are about to get over.. Thanks for reviewing it here TPS!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. i bought the Photo Ready foundation and love it. I recd a recommendation for the Revlon color stay I think but they have discontinued it and they have this instead. I bought the NYX concealer yesterday(brownish one dont recall the name). pretty good.

  10. I love stick concealers, they are so convenient. And this baby is used by the best of makeup artists on youtube as well. thanks for great review!

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