Revlon Powder Blush 004 Wine Not Review Swatches

Revlon Powder Blush 004 Wine Not

Revlon Powder Blush with Pop-Up Mirror. For a soft, natural blush of color. Brush over cheeks for natural blushing color. With a good-for-your-skin Botanical Complex of Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, and Grapeseed Extracts. Pop-Up Mirror for easy application anywhere, anytime.

INR 550

I picked up some Revlon stuff online for IMBB and had huge disappointment in all products, some were received shattered and the blushers were the most non-pigmented ever.anyone I will still use this one due to the shade and matte nature but it is really an extremely bad blush for a brand like Revlon.


The packaging is cute and comes with a tiny rectangular mirror inside the lid.It also has a brush which is not as pathetic, you can use but I do not. The plastic creeks when I open the lid, not very top quality but good packaging.


The blush is pure matte and the finish is matte too.this makes the blush look very natural on my skin,this would go well with most skin tones, cool and neutral will like it more. the texture is very hard, there is not powder or color whatsoever.You have to swipe it on and one and even on the brush, you need 3-5 layers to show some color. In a nutshell, very poor texture, I was hoping for it to be satin soft.


considering the texture, you would know the pigmentation is very poor too. No color can be seen without multiple swipes, on face, brush or the fingers. The color shows up so deep in the pan but otherwise it is very light and poor to use and apply and show up.


The color is a wine pink and not very berry like. it is on the cooler side but as such with a poor pigmentation, it barely shows up on the cheeks as a deep pink, nothing else.

Lasting power:

The blush needs sometime to blend or else it could sit on the patch. It looks very natural no doubt on my skin, such pinks look natural but it lasts for 2-3 hours only. It does not leave a stain behind.


I recommend this to people who are scared of pigmented blushes, as this will never give you OTT cheeks with the poor pigmentation it has 😛 the color is quite natural but the quality is awful, I can wear it without a mirror too, and never get deep pink cheeks. It will be a waste of money hence I will not recommend it to anyone.

IMBB rating:


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  1. I had been considering buying these Revlon blushes. But will skip now. *nababana* Thanks for the review, Neha! 🙂

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